pyPoziomica (Level tool for N95) gets an upgrade

Some time ago this application made its debut and joined the accelerometer applications for Nokia N95 and N82, and now it gets minor upgrade.

Nothing much interesting, I was hoping for a 2 way level, but it still has the same 1 way level, just added customizable scale and image background.

Changes in 3.00
– better written function of drawing in source code (smaller use processor)
– menu entries

Source: PhoneReport


~ by Meraj Chhaya on January 19, 2008.

12 Responses to “pyPoziomica (Level tool for N95) gets an upgrade”

  1. after installing i cannot open the file, before install it says python missing continue anyhow. May that is the problem

  2. not open the file beacuse install the file about this program and nothing

  3. have you both got Python installed?

  4. I installed the app without any problem, but I can not start the it. (Python is alredy installed)
    Coult sombody plese help me?

  5. what u mean u cannot start it?

  6. i think what everybody means is, that can’t run the application….as myself. I have a N95-3

  7. That’s strange as I managed to run it

  8. I alredy installed the phyton, and I cannot manage to make the aplication run, I just try to open it and the palication do nothing. nothing opens, nothing happen… help my mobile is N95-3 v12

  9. Can you open other Python applications?

  10. same thing is happening on my n95, do i need to download a pluging?

  11. I see this is happening to everyone. I guess there’s something wrong with one of the files. Sorry about that guys

  12. I had the same problem, but when I installed both Python and pyPoziomica to the same memory (I used Device memory) it started to work fine on N95 8GB v20.0.016

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