N95 vs. N82: Who is faster?

Speed is nowadays an important issue. Therefore Nokia made some big improvements which you can see on the latest Nseries device – the N82 and also on the new firmware ( V20.0.015) of the N95 . However, which device is faster in capturing pictures and which device boots faster? To answer this question I’ve taken two videos using my Kodak with the DT-22 tripod ( which works great). The first video shows how fast both phones start the camera application and how fast they taking and saving a picture. The second video shows the booting of the N82 and N95


[blip.tv ?posts_id=527804&dest=-1]


[blip.tv ?posts_id=527787&dest=-1]

All in all you can say, that both phones are pretty fast. Nevertheless the N82 is a little bit faster than the N95. It needs 3 seconds less to boot and also some seconds less to save a picture. However, it’s really mind-blowing when you compare the speed improvement of the new N95 firmware. Maybe the N82 becomes even faster with a new firmware, which I would welcome.


~ by Norman John on December 5, 2007.

12 Responses to “N95 vs. N82: Who is faster?”

  1. Awesome blog post. But WHICH one actually got a signal on the network first? Hmm.

    Man I love this N82 more & more.

  2. The speed improvement is amazing with the updated firmware for the N95.But I’m sure that when N82 gets an update it will become even more faster.Nice job man 🙂

  3. nice, I always used nokia and now I am going to buy the N95.


  4. i’m sorry, but this is not a very satisfying test.
    you apparently tested it after a fresh reboot, which is not a very realistic scenario for the day to day user, because after the camrea has been used once, certain SW parts (inlcl. a running camera task) keeps cached in the RAM, and therefore speeds up all consecutive camera starts most siginificantly. consequently, 95% of all pictures taken witha a N95, will only take about half the start-time than yours shown in the video (who reboots his N95 after every picture taken?). at least, you should have differentiated your measurements according to this fact.

  5. I’ve alwasys been a fan of the 2 processors in the N95, don’t think anything can beat that when it really matters – using the NGAGE 2 app 😉

    diLin Anand – http://s603rd.blogspot.com

  6. […] O Symbianworld fez um interessante teste de velocidade entre os celulares Nokia N95 Clássico e o novo N82. Veja quem leva a melhor no vídeo deste link. […]

  7. N82 > N85

  8. […] nokia n95 classic and the new nokia n82 to see what phone is the fastest. You can find the video here Related Posts On Daily […]

  9. it fn9 ………..
    lovin n82………..

  10. Could you please post which firmware version is in each product … Thanks

  11. nokia n95 is a cellphone forever.with or without any disadvantage,I love it and i keep my love forever.

  12. N82 rules!! I LOVE THIS PHONE!

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