Rumor: Nokia N96


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~ by Norman John on October 27, 2007.

50 Responses to “Rumor: Nokia N96”

  1. Its time the rumour mills for Nokia’s next N9x start producing some gossip! I personally can’t wait.

    I’m sure it’ll be a touch screen!

  2. I hope that they´ll not build in a 6MPx camera in their next flagship. They should built better cameras and not only pushing pixels. 5MPx is more than enough and i want finally a optical zoom…

    But the design of it is not Nokia-like, it looks more than a PDA than a smartphone. IMO it could be the next E-Series device. But it´s probably a fake.

  3. What about battery life? Personally the most annoying thing about my E70 is it’s lousy battery life, especially when using WLAN. One day is simply not acceptable…

  4. […] will sport a touch based interface thus being worthy of the N’9x’ tag. A few days ago Symbian World published a few rumoured N96 pics, I’m sure they are fake as the device just doesn’t […]

  5. […] Fotos vom N96, natürlich unbestätigt. Hier gibt es noch mehr Fotos. Hübsch, auch wenn ich erstmal keine Lust mehr auf Slider-Handys […]

  6. one word………UGLY


    i like the n93i black beauty better 😀

  7. dudes, is thing for real??

  8. one word PHOTOSHOP

  9. Yes, right you are

  10. i dunno yknow? looking at it – it looks a bit believable – then again so is father xmas

  11. If n96 looked like this, and it’d do all the things listed gere, i’d get one today!!… Only if it existed 😦

  12. When its come ple msg me on 9880465961

  13. Two words —-> Good Joke!!!! lol !!!

  14. c est trop bien

  15. […] week, Nokia has just announced its newest top-of-the-line cell phone, the N96. Gossips have been floating around the web about this new and sophisticated cell phone, but now it is […]

  16. I’m iranian…
    I want to buy a good mobile…
    I want a big touch screen and a big memory and a 8Mpx camera…
    maybe i want a N96 …!!!???

  17. wooooooooww

  18. i like it

  19. what the fuckm is this check out there is n96 how it will looks like and not this fake pfotoshop thing, thats the different between photoshop and real designer…

  20. it owns buyed it 2 day

  21. lköäölälöä


  23. i don’t know but this one got nth to do with all the others!

  24. how to buy nokia n96 mobile

  25. the new n96 is very beautiful i will buy it,
    but i have no money yet

  26. i want to know the price of n96

  27. This is the n96 concept model, It hasnt been released yet.. Good luck trying to buy it hahahah. but anyways this phone looks sickkk its suppose to be touch screen, wifi, amazing 10gb Flash memory, WOWOWOWOWO im getting a hard on thinking of it

  28. cool!!!

  29. the n96 oficial model is in the Nokia’s website….just look for the photo there.

  30. I really want nokia to do a touch screen one.. Esp, da shape like da concept or rumors wateva..

  31. Man this phone is sick and i can’t wait to get N96 from Asia!! It would be awsome…………

  32. N96 phone pics reflects that it is a damn good looking cell phone but you never know …lets see what stupidity does nokia comes out this time around…

  33. talkin abt phones llol

  34. N96 seems to me oe of the best phones in the Nseries and so I am waiting to have one desperately…can someone guide me when it will be launched in the market for sale…

  35. well don’t think it will be touchscren cuz it has some probs and other things i have tough screen and i hate it seems Nokia likes more traditional and wtf should they change it it’s cool the way it is 😛 Nokia rulez ^_^ 1st photo is NoKla china fake pff…the update is real ^_^

  36. gecmişini özleyen ve yitirdik biri ile solan bir kentin akmaya hazır gözyaşlarıdır bu sokaklar….

  37. […] as the next device. Do you all remember the "concept" N96? That image comes from Rumor: Nokia N96 Symbian World. Does it look anything like the N96 we now all know and love? No! Here is a different set of […]

  38. e bun telefonul cine imi spune si mie?????????? va rog

  39. ba prostil;or i bun telu

  40. yo yo yo yoooooooo its great phone how much is that amazing phone

  41. ahlin


  43. i want a N96

  44. nokiaz are tha best phonez out

  45. very nic cell!!

  46. full telefon,, nema gresku!

  47. yeah..i love n96, bt i dnt have money to buy it lolzzz…my gosh it’z 900$ in Cambodia

  48. ı m hale ı lowe n96 this is wonderful

  49. Oye lodu

  50. hahhahaha good telephone

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