N95: 11.0.026 vs. 12.0.013

Okay, the current firmware of the N95 isn’t quite new, but in the last days I had the opportunity to put my hands on a N95 with the old firmware. Of course I considered, whether I could do some comparisons – and than I thought that I could make some comparisons picture. Did the new FW improve the quality of the pictures or is it still the same? What is your opinion? I think that the new firwmare is a little bit better but all in all we are now at a point, where the quality of the pictures will not be such better.

Left site: FW 12 right site: FW 11 click to enlarge




~ by Norman John on August 24, 2007.

One Response to “N95: 11.0.026 vs. 12.0.013”

  1. All credit dude but next time, for a fairer test, shut the curtains and use artificial light so cloud depth and time of day don’t influence. Spot the Geek!

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