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Please send us any tips you may have that you think might make interesting news. This might include, but is not limited to, interesting websites and stories on other sites, new software, rumours of new devices, and other happenings in the Symbian community.

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4 Responses to “Send Us News Tips!”

  1. Hi!

    First of all we would like to thank you for the great feedback we got from you for the WiiConnect project. Now, we have good news for everybody! We pimped our application by implementing a key emulation, which means you can control the whole phone now – with the Wiimote. This includes all the emulator games, the media player… simply everything! The name of this new project is mobi-pad which you can check out at It is Symbian signed and available for S60 3rd as well as for UIQ3. We would be delighted if you would feature us again with our new project!

    Kind Regards,
    The mobi-pad team

    PS: There is also a forum Nokia blog entry with a nice description at:

  2. New picture of Sony Ericsson’s Paris UIQ 3.3. smartphone have been posted on the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog (USEB).

  3. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “BARACK OBAMA and KGB”.

    Statement for American media

    March 27, 2010
    New York City

    Barack Obama’s communist regime is based on my “White House Special Handbook” written for Bill Clinton in 1996 at CIA request.Hillary Clinton was impressed by my work too and that’s why she helped me when I confronted CIA in 2001. The book was published by Algora in 2007 and purchased by 280 American colleges and universities (see

    In 2008 Obama made the following statement :” We can’t continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We got to have a civilian national security force that just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”.

    Many people, including Paul Broun, a Republican Congressman, are sure that Obama wants to establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship, but in fact he means KGB with its totalitarian control methods , the ones I’ve instructed Democrats about.

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    I’m very sorry, America.
    I’m out of Democrats’ conspiracy and I’m ready to make a statement at Congress hearing.

    On March 26, 2010 I’ve received an invitation for a dinner with President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. On May 13, 2010, at 6.00 PM I have to come to St. Regis hotel, New York, but I’ve changed my mind . I’m not joining President for a dinner.

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
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  4. Mikhail Kryzhanovsky. “Iran 2010”.
    On March, 25 I’ve got an invitation for a dinner with President Barack Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – May 13, 2010 at 6.00 PM at St. Regis Hotel Ballroom, New York. I didn’t want to go, but then I accepted invitation and even wrote a short speech which is actually a toast.
    Here it is.
    Mr. President,
    Madam Speaker,
    Distinguished Guests,
    Ladies and Gentlemen
    Thank you for invitation for this dinner and VIP reception. I’m honoured that the White House admitted the value of my work for socialist America.
    Tonight I’d like to express my opinion on 2010 midterm election strategy, the winning strategy.
    We do have problems. Failing economy, enemployment numbers, dangerously high public spending and debt, healthcare reform which half-America does not approve and another half does not understand. We are losing voters fast, so we can lose majority in Congress after November,2 elections when all members of the House, a third of the Senate and 37 governorships face reelection. Besides, there is a pattern – the party that wins the White House loses seats in the following midterm elections, but we’ll break the rule.
    We need something big to redirect public attention – I advise you, Mr. President, to attack Iran nuclear facilities, destroy them and help your party win elections.
    Again, there’s a problem. Iranians threaten us with terrorist acts on American soil in case we favour military decision . That’s why we have to plan the operation on late October – if there are any terror threats or actions, they’ll happen after we win elections and keep control in both Houses.
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    It is my great privilege to offer this toast to our victory .

    Mikhail Kryzhanovsky
    a former KGB intelligence officer
    a former CIA “Filament”

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