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Author: Norman John

Email: normanjohn (at)


Phone: 00491781346398


SymbianWorld looks for sponsors, who borrow or buy us devices, software or gadgets for testing. Of course you can support us financially too. We would publish the test reports here. We write width unit reports in German or in English. SymbianWorld is a well visited site, on which you can build. We would make advertisement with banners and links for you. Thus, please contact us.


5 Responses to “Contact & Sponsor”

  1. Hi there,
    I’m looking foreward to buy the N82 in some weeks. At the time I’ve got the Nokia 6280. Now I wondered if I can later use the BP-6M battery form my 6280 as reserve battery for the N82, although is works with the BP-6MT.
    LG Philipp

  2. I think symbian world is doing a great job!
    way better than symbian freak

    viel gluck!!

  3. This is a really good site, can I put your site button on my site??

  4. You want to add us to your website? Of course you can.

  5. can u guys add me to ur blogroll? i blog at and i will add ya too..

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