About Symbian World


About Symbian World:

Let’s get one thing out of the way. We don’t work for Nokia or other companies and they do not pay us to write about their products. We only love S60 devices and it’s only a hobby of the Symbian World-team to write about mobiles. The blog features news, reviews, previews , interviews and many other things.

About the Author



My name is Norman John and I’m the author of this blog. I’m living in Germany more exactly in the more or less beautiful town Wolfsburg. I’m currently 18 years old and I’m still going to school. Because I’m student I have only little spare time. Nevertheless, I try to update this blog as often as possible and keep you up to date. Furthermore I’m blogging for Xonio.com, a big German website.

Feel free to e-mail me right here: normanjohn (at) symbianworld.org

or call me : 00491781346398

About the Co-Author

Hey everybody out there,

My name is Christian Titze and I am the co-author of this blog. I’m 16 years old (one of the youngest symbian-freaks). I’m also still going to school and because of that I have only a little freetime. I am living in Germany, near the lake constance and my actual mobile phone is the Nokia N95.

My hobbies are computers, mobile phones, military aviation and sports (especially Taekwondo).

If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to write me an e-mail to: christiantitze@symbianworld.org


3 Responses to “About Symbian World”

  1. you are really good at what you are doing. Keep it going 🙂

  2. Good work guys, please review symbian UIQ3 programs for P1i.

    touchscreen interface is the future!

  3. Great work boys, both of you are so young and have one of the best blogs for Symbian OS. I have been visiting this blog since long, only recently I had started interacting on this blog.

    It would be really interesting if you guys post a Comprehensive Review on “Comparisons & Features between Symbain OS & Mac OS X that runs on iPhone.

    Also waiting for some great pictures & Review of Nokia E71.

    Keep up the Good work.

    Abusha, India

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