N82 Black + BH-604 + CP-218 + Sports Tracker = Awesome

Fortunately I had the chance to play around with the N82 Black, the stereo Bluetooth Headset BH-604 and the wrist Band CP-218 at the same time. Of course I installed the must-have-application Nokia Sports Tracker on the N82. One sunny and hot Sunday I had to deliver news papers, like every Sunday. Because I wanted to know how many kilometers I need for my route and how fast I am, I decided to track my route using Sports Tracker and N82’s build in GPS. As it was that hot I had to wear my shorts which has no pockets so I actually had no place for the N82.

However, since I have the CP-218, which is a little pocket, I could wear the N82 on my forearm which is really convenient. As I already mentioned, I wanted to track my route using Sports Tracker. The built in GPS sits above the 2.4 screen and works really good, also in your pocket, back or in the CP-218.

Than I connected the BH-604 with the N82 Black. The sound quality is indeed great and the volume is also really high. I’ve never had a such good music experience with an mobile device. I like the feeling of freedom – you don’t have any cables and you can use is within 10meters.

Using Sports Tracker you can upload your route to the Sports Tracker Homepage and share your route with the public, your friends or just with yourself. More over, you can change between different view modes, and information about speed, altitude, duration and so on.

Using all these things, the N82 with Sports Tracker, the Bluetooth Headset BS-604 and the wrist band CP-218, you can feel the power of all these things and how good they work together.

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~ by Norman John on July 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “N82 Black + BH-604 + CP-218 + Sports Tracker = Awesome”

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  3. Wow N82 Black, the stereo Bluetooth Headset BH-604 and the wrist Band CP-218 with Nokia Sports tracker are truly fantastic indeed! The built-in-GPS is also praiseworthy!

  4. I have this set for 5 or 7 months now and from 3 months onwards I have been facing sound related problems on N82. The ear piece does not work when receiving calls so i have to put it on loudspeakers and earphones. The earphones used to work but now even the earphone do not work only option left is put it on a loudspeakers.

  5. nothing special

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