Nokia E90 Black: Image gallery

With the black E90 Nokia made a business-beauty. This black phone looks very nobly and everybody who sees it laying around somewhere will ask you “Who is the owner of that phone?”, because of it’s design who makes it look very expensive. Today I want to show you all of the E90’s beauty in this post with an image gallery of the device. Enjoy the pictures!

For more images head over to my OVI account!


~ by Christian on July 10, 2008.

20 Responses to “Nokia E90 Black: Image gallery”

  1. I liked the other one better

  2. as an owner of a mocca e90 I think I find the mocca a bit more classy, this one lookes like cheap plasic

  3. […] Link […]

  4. […] Christian over at Symbian World has publish some great new photos of the black Nokia E90. You can find the gallery here […]

  5. how do u click so good pictures… i clicked mine with cannon powershot but they never came so good…!

    please tell us the trick…

  6. Hey,

    I made all the pictures with my Nokia N95-1. I am also very impressed of the quality of close-up shots.

    There’s no trick. Just switch to macro-mode and if the location is very bright enable also sunny-mode. If it isn’t too bright leave everything except the macro-mode as it is in default.

    Sometimes you will need to focus the object more than one time to get good results.

    P.S. I took almost all of the pictures in good daylight-conditions on my balcony or somewhere else outside the house.


  7. Oooooooooh…! That’s a sexy ass phone. I also love the features it provides 😀

  8. What is the product code of the UK version?


  9. It seems to be “0562331”, but I don’t know for sure if this trialdevice is the UK version…

  10. Many thanks Christian. I checked in the Nokia store today and their black special edition model was the same product code as you state. Thanks for the feedback.


  11. […] at Symbian World has publish some great new photos of the black Nokia E90. You can find the gallery here Related Posts On Daily Mobile Nokia E66 […]

  12. i love E90.i’m going to buy it this month……

  13. hey i already own an E90 but im not to gud at taking care f it so its all beaten up
    i was wondering if i could get the body of the phone changed????
    and if so for wat rough amount??
    thanks in advance
    (truely AMAZING PICS
    i like my phone a bit more now)

  14. I don’t know if you can change it. Maybe you should ask in a Nokia Service Center near you.

  15. thanks 4 de prompt reply

  16. Yes, I agree that it look like cheap plastic, last time I come to see it, but it does not look elegant than mocca

  17. You can see the hinger, also in black, it look pale, the mocca’s hinger is made from steel, so it looks stronger.

  18. Does the “new” black E90 have spell check? Has the keypad action been improved? Can items from web pages be copy and pasted?

  19. Nokia E90 Is A Very Fantastic Phone

  20. Don’t want to disappoint you, because I love this phone and want one bad. But there is no 3G for US bands. The only 3G data band is 2100 according to the Nokia site. US uses 850/1900. Bummer. Almost the perfect phone.

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