Sony Ericsson G900: Image gallery

Here are some pictures showing the G900 from all its sides. What do you think about the G900? What do you like and what do you hate about it?



~ by Norman John on July 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “Sony Ericsson G900: Image gallery”

  1. Not bad, but a full-screen would be better.

  2. a 5mp camera mobile with no lens cover is a grave mistake….

  3. it is not clear to me something about WLAN: is 802.x/EAP-TLS-TTLS WPA/WPA2 possible on this device?

  4. Beautiful 🙂 I need to get one soon

  5. I owned this G900. Wifi, Yes, it does work and easy setting to get wifi access.

    Problem of this machine is:
    Slow (akthough I use to smartphone speed since years, it is still kind of slow of UIQ system compare to Symbian V3…etc.)

    Hang, It does hang once in a while. I need to test it more weeks to see how frequent it hangs

    Application choice, not much for UIQ.

    Goodies, Battery is impressed. I wifi very much (MSN messenher and IM+) and the battery last for a completely 1 day. This battery is same as what I own the other sony ericsson K550i (a kind of low end phone but with autoo focus, USD180, entry levey phone)

    Camera, do not expect too much. It is not sharp of pictire it takes

    The phone not make me hat eis because it has wifi so that can lower my GPRS data fees from ISP provider otherwise I would have sold it out. (diu to it’s slow, not much choice of appication) Another thing I still stick to it is, I am less headache to find charger since battery is ok to last for a reasonable time.

    That’s all about it

  6. i would like to ask what is the largest size memory card that can be fitted in? 4 gig or 8 gig?
    do you think its worth buying it?
    cos i’m considering of buying this phone or the k850

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