Nokia N96: Face the task

For those who want to be amongst the first to get their hands on the N96,

Nokia are going to be releasing 96 individually numbered, special edition handsets at the end of this week (Friday, 11am CET to be precise) at:

To make things even more interesting, proceeds from all sales of the N96 bought this way will also be donated to charity. It is worth a mention however, that the N96 itself will only be delivered once the device is available in each country, though pre-orders will of course receive the first shipment of the device.

To be in with a chance of getting one of the special editions you’ll need to wait for the ‘shop window’ to be open on (Click ‘Get The Nokia N96’ / ‘Get The Box’) as supplies are limited. Don’t worry though, there’s a timer to let you know when the next chance is.

Something a bit different for you there, check out the site and see what you think.

Source: WOM World


~ by Norman John on July 9, 2008.

3 Responses to “Nokia N96: Face the task”

  1. I must admit, I went through and watched all the videos.

    Although, judging by what I saw the other night, I not sure I’m that tempted any more…

  2. Ooo – link, (sorry!)

  3. Hey James, thanks for the link. Really nice video showing that the N96 needs some improvement.
    Let’s hopa Nokia will fix it asap

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