N82 Black vs. Sony Ericsson G900 vs. E66: Whose flash is better?

The majority of the camerphones features a LED or even Xenon flash to allow taking pictures in bad light conditions. Some of these are indeed useful but some are really bad. Due to I have some cameraphones on my desk, I wanted to test how good these are. The candidates are:

Nokia N82 Black:
The N82 Black features a 5 megapixel camera, a real Xenon light and a Carl Zeiss lens with autofocus. As a special feature you can connect the N82 to a TV-set to view pictures, videos and a lot more.

Sony Ericsson G900:
Just like the N82 Black, also the G900 features a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus. However, other than the N82 it just has a LED.

Nokia E66:
The business device has a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus on its back. Like the G900 it has also a LED.

Let the battle begin:

Left: Nokia E66 right: G900 bottom: N82 black (click to enlarge)

No doubt, the N82 has a great advantage with its Xenon light. However, if we take a look at the other two pictures we see clear differences. The E66’s picture is much brighter but doesn’t look that good, especially with this red colour and the blur. The G900 is to dark and doesn’t impress me, just like the E66.

Winner: N82


The E66 really disappoints me. The picture is way to bright and you can read nothing. Other with the N82 and the G900. Both, the N82 and the G900, took good close up pictures. You can see almost every detail on the floor, the USB-stick and USB-card. However, the colour of the floor is on every picture different. Anyway, the N82 comes closest to the real colour.

Winner: N82


The distance to our object is about 2meters. G900’s LED is to weak. You can see almost nothing. The E66 brings more or less an acceptable result. You can see the main things but the picture’s still pretty blurry. No new news, the N82 brings a perfect result.

Winner: N82

No doubt, the Nokia N82 Black is with its 5 megapixel and its Xenon flash the perfect cameraphone for bad light conditions. However, let’s talk about the E66 and the G900. The E66 has a really bright flash, nevertheless the results really disappoints me. Let’s hope that a new Firmware will fix this. The LED of the G900 isn’t bright enough to convince me. However, for taking close up images in dark light conditions it’s really suitable.

What do you think? Please share your thougts with us.


~ by Norman John on June 30, 2008.

14 Responses to “N82 Black vs. Sony Ericsson G900 vs. E66: Whose flash is better?”

  1. of course the n82 is going to win..its a pretty lame comparison..you have a camera orientated phone with xenon flash against a 3.2mp and a 5mp with a simple led flash…you didnt need to post pics for anyone to know what the outcome was going to be… there would have been serious problems if the n82 didnt come out winner as this is a camera orientated phone. do a proper comparison,

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  3. Well, actually the comparison is more between the G900 and E66. Whereby I wanted to show how good pictures (N82) do look like.

  4. hi
    test the touchscreens … ohh nokia hasn’t .. the winner is G900 :p

  5. exactually, so your bias too..as i said do a proper comparison.

  6. I think that a phone is not made to take pictures. I’ll never choose any phone by its photo’s propriety!

    A phone has not the pourpose to take pics!!!!!!

  7. Maybe a more even comparison would be a N82 and a SE C902. However, good showing of the performance advantage of a Xenon.

  8. Sorry. Meant K850i.

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  12. My dear, these are the mobile phones, not the cameras. So, they should be compared with each and every specs it has. And while comparing each n everything, i dont think G900 doesn’t come up to the expectations. If u think camera is the main thing then its better if u make a comparison b/w 82 with SONY 8.1 cybershots.

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  14. G900’s flash is strong enough for me..
    Xenon flash is TOO strong! it gimme the super shiny and oily face.. it emphasizes too much on my pimples too.. i had a terrible experience with K810i u c.. Xenon flash is the culprit..
    and G900 has touch focus.. ahaha

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