Unboxing the Nokia E90 Black

A few days ago I received the Nokia E90 in black. I wanted to wait for my new DT-22 Tripod to make the unboxing video – but unfortunately the ordered Tripod hasn’t arrived yet. So I decided to make an unboxing video without the DT-22.

This is the unboxing video:

Here are also some unboxing photos:

This black E90 comes with one year of free navigation on a 2 GB memorycard and the hardware such as the keypad is improved. As far as I know this device isn’t available in the shops yet, so stay tuned for upcoming articles about this beautiful black device here on Symbian World.

What do you think about this improved new version of the Nokia E90? Looks great, doesn’t it?


~ by Christian on June 28, 2008.

11 Responses to “Unboxing the Nokia E90 Black”

  1. Looks very great, will get the “black one” on monday or thursday 🙂

    Can you say a little bit more about the keyboard? Is it better then the old one?

  2. […] Einen weiteren Punkt den ich hier kurz ansprechen möchte: Wundert euch bitte nicht, wenn in den nächsten Tagen ein paar Berichte auf Englisch oder Englisch/Deutsch erscheinen, wir, das Team von symbian60.mobi haben die einmalige Gelegenheit Serie60-Geräte von Nokia zu testen und euch vorzustellen, das möchten wir natürlich nutzen! Ihr braucht aber keine Angst zu haben längere Berichte werdet ihr auf jeden Fall auch immer (vielleicht etwas später) in Deutsch erscheinen. Das erste Gerät, das ich euch vorstellen werde ist das E90. Ich werde euch jedoch nicht nur die überarbeitete, sondern auch eine exklsive, schwarze Version vorstellen. Ein weitere Gimmik, das ich euch zeigen werde ist das Bluetooth-Headset BH-903 von Nokia. Ob ich die ersten Eindrücke noch heute abend veröffentliche weiß ich nicht, ein Unboxing gibt es aber bereits bei Christian von Symbian World. […]

  3. Hey Oli,
    I haven’t used the old keyboard, but the new one feels just great. It’s easy to use. The only bad point is the navigation-key on the QWERTY keyboard, because it is too small.

  4. I recieved it today and I can confirm it! I try to get an “old” E90 from a fried to compare both 😉

  5. […] an unboxing of the Qwerty Nokia monster from Christian Titze over on The Symbian Blog? You’ve got it, complete with video and […]

  6. hey can you post some photos in of the keyboard?

  7. Photos of the device will follow in upcoming posts.

  8. اغراض وايد

  9. I upgraded from the E61i to the new E90 black (Version 3). I at first could not decide between the E90 and the new E71. The E71 is also a brilliant smart phone. The E90 was a good choice for my needs. I like flipping it open and listening to music while working on my laptop (watching song info on the big screen). The GPS is also brilliant. The real winner is surfing the web (moibile sites or normal sites). The E90 does not even seem that big anymore. I can wear it in my denim pockets or easily lug it around in my new E90 hipster. All and all a good upgrade !!! I love all the functions at my fingertips. PS. I also looked at the new Iphone 3G, but the Iphone lacks MMS, Copy and Paste, changeable battery, acting as a modem for my laptop, my 2004 smart phone had these features, the lack of these features made the decision a very easy one. PSS. I am surprised at how good the small front screen is, and how often I use it. Also I did not think I would enjoy using the front numeric keypad that much, It really feels nice to the touch. Anyhow, if you are looking for a fully featured smart phone then this is the way to go.

  10. Version 3? The E90 has had so many issue, the most publicized of which is the keyboard smudging the inner screen, defective mic, and uneven feet. Hugo, looks like you’ve had yours since Sept08. Can you update your feelings about the E90, including the “defects” I mentioned? I’m STILL trying to decide whether to make the move from my 9300 to the E90. Thanks

  11. Still in a holding pattern.

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