Who is the real N73 successor – N78 or 6220 Classic?


As you maybe know, Nokia announced a bunch of devices at the Mobile World Congress this year. One of them, the N78, is according to Nokia the new N73 successor. The N73 was or is one of the most sold Nokia devices although it was never a flagship. However, there is just another device which could be the perfect successor. I’m talking about the Nokia 6220 Classic. I want to find out which device earns to be called the real N73 successor:

First off, what does the next N73 need? Of course a good camera, good, a special design, good keys and a reason why the average user would buy it.


In terms of camera the N78 offers a 3.2 megapixel camera with a Carl Zeiss lens and autofocus, just like the N73 does. More over, you can geo-tag your pictures using the built in GPS. This means that the location the picture was taken is saved in the picture’s file. The 6220, however, features a 5 megapixel camera also with autofocus, a pretty bright Xenon flash we all know from the N82 and a Carl Zeiss lens as well. Either than that it has just the same camera functions as the N78 (including geo-tagging). Unfortunately, N78’s lens is unprotected whereby 6220 has a great camera shutter.

Winner: 6220

Form factor:

Both, the 6220 and N78 are pretty handy. The N78’s dimensions are 113 x 49 x 15.1 mm and has a weight of 101.8 g. The 6220’s size is 108 x 47 x 15 mm and its weight is 90g. It’s clear that the 6220 is ways smaller and lighter than the N78. But both devices feels great in your hand and are pretty handy. This is a aspect which is really important for the average user.

Winner: Both

Well, design depends on the point of view but nevertheless you can see clear differences between both phones. The N78 is rather timeless and at the same time pretty stylish. So, it’s perfect for every age, whether for teenagers or the busy business man. Honestly I can’t describe 6220’s design. It’s neither timeless nor has it a clear design but nevertheless it’s kind of fresh. I think, the average user would choose the N78.

Winner: N78



A pretty important thing for the average user are the keys. As you can see from the picture, the 6220 has big keys whereby the N78 has really small and thin keys which need some time to be used properly.

Winner: 6220

N78’s special feature:

The N78 offers a build in FM-transmitter which allows to transmit your music to your FM radio, for example in your car. This is pretty nifty and useful.

6220’s special feature:

Like the N82 or the N95 also the 6220 offers the TV-out function which allows to connect a TV-set with your 6220 and display everything on the large TV. This is especially useful when showing videos or pictures on a large TV.

Other important things

The N78 offers a 2.4” screen and due to WiFI fa fast Internet connection. Unfortunately, the 6220 has just a 2.2” screen and no WiFi. However if you love recording videos with your device you should choose the 6220 since it records videos with VGA quality and 30 frames per second.


Who is the real N73 successor? This is a question you have to decide on your own. Both devices offers a huge amount of features. However, if you need a powerful camera and video replacement you’ll totally love the 6220. The N78 however, allows fast internet thanks to WiFi and offers a bigger screen plus an built in FM-Transmitter. What do you think? Tell me your opinion.


~ by Norman John on June 26, 2008.

15 Responses to “Who is the real N73 successor – N78 or 6220 Classic?”

  1. Nice compairson; something that I’m sure that many N-series users (N73, N81, and even a few N95 folks) are looking at as possiblities. If the 6220 had WiFi it would be a easy win for it in my book. Being that it doesn’t, I’ll just wait for a bit longer 😉

  2. It’s a good comparison Norman, though I have to disagree with you on the concept of “successor”. What Nokia means by the N78 being the N73’s successor is that the N78 targets the same market now as the N73 did when it was first released, ie the N78 is the NEW N73.

    If you wanted to take the word “successor” as something that “improves” on features, then probably the N82 would be much worthy of the title than the 6220, being that it packs more features (FP2 aside) than the 6220 classic, was released at an affordable price and is now even more affordable. And then even the N95 and the N95 8gb will be part of that category and will kick the 6220’s butt.

  3. In Design-wise I’d prefer the N78 cos the 6220 classics style is not my my kind of taste,and the other negative point is the screen size.Other than these 6220 is the perfect design.And also with all these devices one thing is very clear that is, Nokia will never offer a all in one successor,they do some kind of a degrading to keep their markets stable.Frustrating.

  4. i`m still remaing at my N73 after ~2years since i buy it. A good succesor in my “N73 user” opinion could be the N82 BUT with a 2.8″,or something like N85 ..still waiting for something like that: 5mpx,xenon,2.8″,gps,motion-sensor,candy-bar form,FP2,Tv-out,VGA 3- fps or more – video recording etc. i hope at this kind of mobile from Nokia till September , or i`ll buy the Iphone 3G 😀

  5. […] about the Nokia N3 successor, Will it be the Nokia N78 or the Nokia 6220 classic? Read more over at Symbian World “Who is the real N73 successor? This is a question you have to decide on your own. Both […]

  6. excellent comparison. I didnt even know about the 6220 till i read about it here.

  7. Have been a N73 user until recently i upgraded to 6220c. Just a note that you missed. Throughout my years with N73, it suffers from insufficient memory problems when using multiple programs. Although N78 has 80MB of internal memory, but clearly, 6220c has an upper hand at 120MB. That is one of the main reasons that 6220c will be better choice.

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  9. I’d go for the 6220. it may not be an Nseries phone – but then, so what? That does not make it any less of a really good phone.

  10. There are 3 reason’s why ‘we’ nseries users won’t take the 6220c over the n78. 1. It’s missing the ‘N’. 2. We strictly don’t go below a 2.4 inch screen. 3. U forgot to mention battery life – N78 BATTERY IS FAR SUPERIOR TO 6220c!

  11. That’s a new demonstration of a big mestake of Nokia !!
    In front of a difficult choice like this one, I’m dirctly running to Sonyericcson or HTC Touch Diamond, wiches are offering to me the both complete lists of facilities !!!

  12. hey dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    both d phones are awesome………….

  13. dont buy 6220,n78 is better to replace n73 coz of its new design

  14. N78 is very good. I have one now but still I want the 30fps for video recording and 5MP camera.

  15. I have both phone and from what i cant say is thath the 6220 C is better i have spent money for nothing on n78. You say ya the design of N78 but the 6220 c have resistents on scratch and is more litter. The Canera video of 6220 c is at 30 fps and 5 Mpx withj xenon for the best photo with cover camera. The programs on 6220 c much better for calls and voice command. The N78 have this keypad what is a pain in the ass. THE NOKIA 6220 Classic SUPORT 8 GB instead N78 only 4GB , internal memmory of 6220 C 128 Mb the N78 have only 64mb. My Opinion 6220 Classic is much better.

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