Nokia E66: Image gallery

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~ by Norman John on June 26, 2008.

10 Responses to “Nokia E66: Image gallery”

  1. The Red Color start button is Kind of ugly.Anyway Nice work dude

  2. [quote] The Red Color start button is Kind of ugly.Anyway Nice work dude [/quote]


    But it is a real MASTERPIECE!

  3. nice pics m8!

  4. Thanks.
    Indeed, the red button doesn’t match with the rest of the device

  5. […] ulteriormente, qualche giorno fa ho postato dei video con l’E66 in azione. Cliccando QUI invece trovate una nuova galleria di immagini scattate da Norman John di Symbian World. (via WOM […]

  6. That is a real beauty. It’s like the E51 all grown up!!!! I can’t wait until they have a US verison that is released over here in the States.

  7. Sweet! can i get a free one? I’m really please with the E66 and the upgrades from the E65 which i am using now.(3meg cam,FM radio,Flash) this is oh so sweet

  8. […] over at Symbian World has posted a few photos of his new Nokia E66. You can find the gallery here Related Posts On Daily Mobile None […]

  9. Can anyone tell me of a way for me to update the user interface of my nokia E66 to be like of one of those N series phones? I dont like the look and feel of my e66’s media works. As in all n serieses phones whn you view your pictures the pictures are rotating inside the folder and when you select a one it opens in large size. But my E66 the images are arranged in an old fashioned way that is one after another inside a drop down list box? What do I have to install to get a new look and feel? should i update the symbian os or can this be done via a theme. Someone please advice. And please recommend me some sites so that i could download relevant udpates to get this done. thanks.

  10. can anyone advise me what should i do to my nokia e66 because when i take photo i cant find the images in media gallery. hoping for your favorable response. thanks! rodel

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