Nokia E71: More information and spotted in white

White Nokia E71

It seems that the Nokia E71 will come out in just another colour. As you can see in the pictures, the E71 is also ”available” in white. What do you think about its new outfit? Looking at the second picture you can see how thin it is, especially compared to the E61, E61i and an HTC. For more pictures and screenshots jump over.

Someone who had access to an E71 installed NSysInfo to provide us with some device information such as RAM, CPU and much more:

RAM (free): 70.303.744 B
RAM (total): 115.605.504 B
ROM (size): 18.612.224 B

Phone memory (free): 115.732.480 B
Phone memory (total): 126.689.280 B

Flash memory (free): 6.363.996 B
flash memory (total): -2.139.368.311 B (?)

Processor type: ARM
Processor speed: 368.600 MHz

Screen resolution (max): 320 x 240 pixels
Number of colours: 16.777.216
Cover display: Not Supported

GSM: Supported
WCDMA: Supported
CDMA: Not Supported

Wi-Fi: Supported
USB: Supported
MMC: Supported
MMC Hotswap: Supported

Camera: Supported
Camera burst mode: Supported

MIDI: Supported
QWERTY Input: Supported
OpenGL ES and EGL: Supported
Flight mode: Not Supported
Offline mode: Supported

Infrared: Supported
Bluetooth: Supported
Bluetooth fax profile: Supported
Bluetooth imaging profile: Not Supported

SyncML device management standard: Supported
SyncML data synchronization standard: Supported

SVGT (Scalable Vector Graphics – Tiny): Supported

Audio Effects API: Supported
Audio Resource Indications Utility: Supported
Equalizer: Supported

USSD: Supported

Video Telephony: Supported
SIP Stack: Supported

QOS: Not Supported
IPSec: Supported

Location Landmarks API: Supported
Location basic services: Supported

Instant Messaging feature: Supported
Presence feature: Supported

Source: NokiaPort & Intomobile


~ by Norman John on June 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Nokia E71: More information and spotted in white”

  1. Weiß sieht echt nicht gut aus. Da hätte man sich was besseres überlegen können.

  2. looks disgusting in white. I always think these things do, when the back cover or trimming doesnt correspond to the rest of the phone. But i’m looking forward to the side step from n95 to this phone.

  3. Whoa! Now that’s thin!

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