Nokia N82 Black: Image gallery

I’ve already made a image gallery of the silver N82 which you can find here. However, the N82 Black looks in my eyes ways better than the silver one. What do you think when you compare the silver with the black N82. Take a look at the pictures showing the Nokia N82 Black in all its beauty.


For futher pictures of the N82 Black head over to my Flickr Channel.


~ by Norman John on June 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Nokia N82 Black: Image gallery”

  1. Have you any experience about the battery in the n82? My E90 does run about a week while fetching every 15 minutes mail, a normal amount of phone calls and so on…

  2. I think n 82 is good battery life…if u use speaker loudly
    or watch video long battery will get drain …in normal use
    it is very good.

  3. THE only negative in NOKIA N 82 was its color…now dressed
    in black this sultry queen dons a killer look…putting all phones
    to shade…I WISH i could design this queen with great inside…
    NOKIA N 82 incorporates awsome technologies inside…

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