S60 devices have a built in IM-Client


jamespowell1989 from Talk About Nseries has brought us news that S60 devices such as the N82, N95 etc. have a built in IM client which works pretty good. Using the Mobjab application and the IM application you can use MSN, ICQ, AOL IM, Yahoo! and some more on your handset. Jump over for a detailed tutorial.

Via: WOM World


~ by Norman John on June 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “S60 devices have a built in IM-Client”

  1. Germa tutorial you ca found here: http://s60inside.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/tip-das-integrierte-s60-chat-tool-fur-instant-messaging-nutzen/

  2. […] Just read about this over on Symbian World, posted up by Norman. Head over and take a look. S60 devices have a built in IM-Client Symbian World __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 8GB CLICK HERE FOR N95 TIPS To find […]

  3. Hi Norman, that’s nothing new – even my old 6680 and my N70 had that Wireless-Village-Client, and it used to work with yamigo.com just fine almost three years ago … 😉

  4. Yes, but the new thing isn’t the IM application itself, but the fact that you can go online with your MSN account which is new for the msot of us.

  5. Why did they include a im client that needs an application like Mobjab or Yamigo to work instead of logging directly to the services like fring or palringo??

  6. I cant do setting of im for my gtalk account plz help me

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