Nokia N95: Black backcover is in da house!

Do you remember my post about the new color-variants of the N95’s backcover? When I heard that there is a black OEM backcover for the N95 I was very happy and I said that I’ll buy it. A few days ago I made the decision to buy it because I was very bored with my N95 in “Deep Plum”.

Today I received it and it took only a few seconds to change my N95 “Deep Plum” into a N95 “OEM black”. I am very happy with the new backcover in black, it looks very good and fits with the silver front of the device and the soft-touch coating is very soft. Another nice detail is the “Nokia Nseries” logo on the battery-cover – in the early N95’s there was only written “Nokia”.

Alltogheter I paid 20€ for the whole backcover – which is a good price I think.

To show you my “black beauty” I’ve made a little picture-gallery for you. Enjoy the images.

(*click to enlarge)


~ by Christian on May 30, 2008.

11 Responses to “Nokia N95: Black backcover is in da house!”

  1. where did you buy it ?

  2. On a German website (

  3. […] Norman over at symbianworld just got his nokia n95 backcover in black! I just love the black backcover on his Nokia N95! You can find more pictures here. […]

  4. Excellent Norman, did it come with the memory card door too.?

  5. Sorry, Chris.!

  6. Logged in now, sorry about that Chris, thought it was Norman.


  7. […] black OEM rear casing in black is available now, replacing your deep plum makes an improvement.. Nokia N95: Black backcover is in da house! Symbian World __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 8GB CLICK HERE FOR N95 TIPS To find out […]

  8. That happens 😉

    Yeah, it came with the memory card door.

  9. I am trying to buy one off that german site but I have no idea what to put in the Plz and Ort spaces… What do those mean? I live in the United States of America in Novi, Michigan…

  10. I think I got it.. I put in the plz the zipcode and teh Ort the city that I live in.. but how am I suppose to pay for it?

  11. @ Fadi:

    You’re right, “PLZ” means the zipcode and “Ort” means the city you live in.

    If you have ordered one you will get the account number and so on of the shops owner. Then you will need to transfer the money to his account.

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