Nokia N95-4 (US): New firmware v20.2.005 available

After the update for the Nokia N95-3 a few days ago we have some very good news for you N95 users in the United States: The N95-4 (the US version of the N95 8GB) gets an update! Firmware v20.2.005 is available over the NSU. There are no reports about improvements and there’s no changelog yet.

Source: Symbian-Freak


~ by Christian on May 28, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nokia N95-4 (US): New firmware v20.2.005 available”

  1. I just installed. First, the ugly stuff 🙂 The new FONT is very very bad… bigger, make the screens seems smaller.

    On the other hand, my problems with deadly SLOW email account with large inbox is solved. Pretty fast. The camara is certainly faster and usb connection also.

  2. I noticed however, that the web browser only views sites that are in the 5 phone languages. It used to support many other languages prior to this update. the 95-3 does not suffer from this problem … interesting

  3. After 1 day of use I noticed:
    – mailbox access is FASTER with lot of emails (no delay now)
    – overall performance seems a little bit faster (just a little)
    – camera is certainly faster
    – font is HORRIBLE, mainly because make the screen look smaller (I’m sorry, but the previous font was one thing I valued). The impact on the overall UI is negative from my point of view.
    – battery: for sure, is not improved at least in my case. Mid day usually had full battery, today was almost empty. Maybe due to all the software re-installing… will c tomorrow

    I also had a problem after installing. The phone wont register itself on the GSM network (only in 3G). I re-formatted and when choosing only GSM I get no signal. I had to register the phone MANUALLY.

    Did I mention the nasty font? 🙂

  4. Same complaint regarding the fonts! Can’t stand it being so small now. It’s like reading the font on back of an aspirin bottle. On another note, the gps responds faster especially with the 2.0 version.

    Hold off if you’ve got no complaints with the previous version.

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