Nokia E90 Black Edition pictures

Over at Daily Mobile I have found some great pictures showing the new, updated version of the Nokia E90. The black edition features many improvements such as the flat keypad that doesn’t touch the internal screen.

In my opinion this phone looks damn great, doesn’t it?

Source: Daily Mobile


~ by Christian on May 25, 2008.

10 Responses to “Nokia E90 Black Edition pictures”

  1. I Just LOOVE This E

  2. Keyboard looks user friendly 🙂

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  4. The surface seems quite shiny, I guess you’ll see lots of fingerprints. The flat keypad on the other hand looks cool.

  5. cool pics..when is it hitting the market…

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  7. hi i would get opinion from nokia e 90 users about the phone

  8. i loved my red e90-1 … but in just 4 months of ownage, it got stolen from me… oh well… ill be more protective next time.. now i want the e90 v2 in black but i dont know where to get one!!! someone tell me where i can buy one.. id buy it in a new york minute…

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  10. in this case, the black hinges maake it pale, not regal like mocca one, full black make e90 like cheap plastic, chilren’s toy. truly it. the mocca is much regal

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