Nokia N78 Unboxing and first thoughts

Stefan from Intomobile today picked up a Nokia N78 with final hardware and software. He has written a great post in which he is unboxing the device and say a few words about it.

He writes that there is a new default ringtone and that the sound of the N78s’ spakers is great. But as he recognized that the firmware of his N78 is the final one he said that he needs to speak with the engineer who borrowed him the device. He tells us that there are some major bugs in the firmware. Jump over and let Stefan know what you think about the new default ringtone and the device itself!

The new Nokia Tune can be downloaded here.


~ by Christian on May 21, 2008.

4 Responses to “Nokia N78 Unboxing and first thoughts”

  1. I actually quite like that new Nokia ring tone!

    Cheers for sharing Chris!

  2. […] Nokia N78 unboxing photos and a peak at the new Nokia ringtone Stumbled across if from SW.. Nokia N78 Unboxing and first thoughts Symbian World __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 8GB CLICK HERE FOR N95 TIPS To find out […]

  3. As of now I’m in the stage of confusing what phone I buy… I like that good quality sound with 3.5mm head jack.. also can be install applications, themes and games…

    phone that is affordable and durable.

    I’m into Nokia now as one of my first option but, I really doubt what model of nokia to buy.

    Oh by the way I’m after also on the camera at least 3 good megapixel.

    I found N95 8GB a lots of features but I can’t afford the price. Also iPhone is my option but it didn’t work here in the Philippines.

    Any advices really appreciated. please help me to decide.

    Thank You.

  4. Schön, schöner, schönst

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