Can the N810 replace a Laptop?

The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet is a really powerful device. It is the successor of the N800, a great device too. The Internet Tablet offers a lot features like GPS and a full QWERTY keyboard. Its mainly about the internet experience which is really amazing. However, my question is: Can the N810 replace a laptop? This is a question I want to answer.

To answer this question I’ve made a short list with things I’m doing on a daily basis on my laptop:

  • Send and receive E-mails
  • Read RSS feeds
  • Surf in the internet
  • Listen to music
  • Watch videos on YouTube
  • Chat via MSN
  • Write articles for my blogs


Indeed, E-mailing on the N810 isn’t a problem. After setting up a account by using the proper ports, accounts and information you can start using the pre-installed E-mail client. The E-mails are displayed almost just like on the laptop. More over, you can set an interval (for example each 10 minutes) in which the E-mails getting checked. Using the QWERTY keyboard or an external keyboard like the SU-8W you can write pretty fast.

RSS Feeds:


For a blogger is reading RSS feeds really important and much convenient than visiting each site. The N810 offers a great RSS feed reader which can also be active in the stand-by screen (kind of widget) so you have the latest headlines always on the stand-by screen. Just like the E-mail client also the RSS feed reader can be set up to scan the RSS feeds for updates in a certain interval. Besides text also images are displayed on the big and bright screen.



The N810 is actually focused on internet. Therefor the N810 offers a great internet browser. Websites are displayed just like on the laptop . Sites such as YouTube can be visited without problems and watching flash-videos isn’t a problem as well. However, watching the videos on the laptop or surfing on the laptop is of course much better.



Nowadays every device has a musicplayer so it won’t be a problem for the N810. More over, the N810 offers a 3.5mm audio jack so you can use every normal headphones you like. However, the musicplayer isn’t the best in the world but it does its job. Of course you can use the N810 as a ”radio” by playbacking the music via the stereo speakers.

MSN and Blogging:


Due to the N810 is based on Linux you can install a bunch of 3rd Party Applicaction such as a MSN client and a WordPress client using the Application manager. Connected to the SU-8W or using the QWERTY keyboard you can write articles pretty fast.


To sum up, the N810 can do all the things I’m doing on a daily basis with my laptop. However, a that little device will never replace a Laptop or PC completely and a laptop with its mouse, big keys and huge screen is much convenient.


~ by Norman John on May 12, 2008.

9 Responses to “Can the N810 replace a Laptop?”

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  2. One of the advantages that this (potentially) has over a laptop, is the ability to use it outside, I mean have you actually tried to read a laptop screen in bright daylight?! – it’s a nightmare. I understand that the N810 has a ‘daylight readable’ screen… – how does this hold up?

    Also, don’t forget that you can always connect up a bluetooth keyboard if you really want to get lots of data in…

    (wish I had one!)

  3. Great report Norman.! I know what Nigel means about laptop screens, same issues here with reflection. I will be looking into investing in one of these in the near future.

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  6. really nice, norman. But if that pic of n810 one u r using for this review, than u have written it have QWERTY key pad, bt in the pic it is showing QWERTZ keypad. Can u clear this.thx

  7. Please remove this confusion
    ” u have written it have QWERTY key pad, bt in the pic it is showing QWERTZ keypad “

  8. no it can’t replace it. i have a 15″ lappy and n810, i luv both. n810 is great on the go, but for serious work, i use the notebook or the desktop. also, boobies are too small on n810 which is a big issue for me. (jk)

  9. great work norman.

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