No new Spiderman, so N96 comes with Transformers

Both Nokias standing, the N96 with its kickstand, while the N95 8GB is supported by the N96

Today at the launch in South Africa, Nokia stated in a press release that the Nokia N96 will ship to South Africa with the latest Transformers movie embedded in the devices’ memory.

This is expected to happen to other countries in the world, if not all. Henri Mattila gave a presentation on the upcoming N78, N96 and N82 Black and gave us detailed and exclusive information on the most advanced NSeries devices to date.

Stay tuned as we publish our interview with Mattila and reveal the official Nokia shipping date. Today was the final media release for South Africa, with other countries to follow. Everything is now public, no more to hide about these phones, we have hands-on comparison photos and ran tests on the N96 and N78. I couldn’t be more surprised by the N78’s User Interface, of which I will talk about it following posts.

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~ by Meraj Chhaya on May 7, 2008.

6 Responses to “No new Spiderman, so N96 comes with Transformers”

  1. Awesomeness! I love Transformers!

  2. Wow South africa !

  3. I’m wondering why no one complains about the lack of Batman

  4. […] to have New transformers movie embedded Just spotted this.. No new Spiderman, so N96 comes with Transformers Symbian World Was hoping a better film really. __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 8GB […]

  5. Transformers! I would of thought they’d had chosen a more comprehensive film that that fir such an handset like the N96.

  6. We were all expecting Batman after the video and press pictures.

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