Picture Gallery: Nokia E65

The E65 in “Soft Black” isn’t just a business phone, it is a very good-looking business phone. Because it is such a nice phone, I’ve made a picture gallery of it. Enjoy the pictures, and if you feel so, leave a comment.


~ by Christian on May 6, 2008.

5 Responses to “Picture Gallery: Nokia E65”

  1. Really nice close up shots there! Thanks!

    Is the rear actually covered in leather, or is it just an imprint into the plastic?

  2. Thank you.

    The backcover is some kind of leather material, which feels very realistic like real leather.
    I like this backcover with leather-coating very much, because it makes the feel of the device in your hand some kind of nobly.

  3. […] Link […]

  4. Ich habe das Handy selber und es ist DAS Business Handy im normalen Preis Verhältnis.


  5. […] A few days ago I received the Nokia E65 from WOM World. Now I want to share my first thoughts of this device with you. The E65 is a very good-looking phone, you can find some photos of this beatiful gadget here. […]

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