N78: FM Transmitter demonstration

My buddy over at Symbianfrance gets his hands on the lateste N-Series device, the N78. One of its features is the built in FM Transmitter which allows you to transmit your music from your N78 straight to your radio. So, you can listen to your favorite songs in best quality while driving with the car. Watch the (french) video to see how good it works.

Source: Symbianfrance


~ by Norman John on April 30, 2008.

6 Responses to “N78: FM Transmitter demonstration”

  1. […] demostration Pretty cool if I dont say so myself. No need for a belkin or a like with this.. N78: FM Transmitter demonstration Symbian World Now, how can we get this built in to our n95’s 😛 __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, […]

  2. Thats impressive!

  3. Built into the N95-1 you can’t, technology is like a sexy lady – one day she is great and wonderful, the next she is past it lol…

  4. […] al sito SYMBIANWORLD vediamo in azione Il Nokia N78 con questa innovativa funzione…Che ne […]

  5. […] mobile diva Darla Mack and normanjohn from Symbian World have posted the video made by Greg which shows exactly how to set up the device so it transmits […]

  6. its now available in india also and mauny other countries
    check out the following page if its not available in ur phone

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