MobiTubia 1.80 Built 2 for Donators


My favorite YouTube gets a new update. MobiTubia just hits 1.80 Build 2 and brings a lot of changes and improvements. Unfortunately is v1.8 Bult 2 just available for donators.

MobiTubia 1.80 Build 2 Changelog

  • Change Font Style for 352×416 and 800×352 screen size
  • Change Application’s Icon
  • Change Some Menu Icons
  • Change Splash Screen
  • Splash Screen has timer now
  • Change whole Video Playing method
  • Unicode characters supported for searching
  • Language Support: Thai
  • Send Saved Clip to another device via Bluetooth and IR
  • Add “Sort by” feature in Search menu
  • Fixed: Change for YouTube new system

Source: Symbian60


~ by Norman John on April 21, 2008.

3 Responses to “MobiTubia 1.80 Built 2 for Donators”

  1. Donated, and very impressed so far. Very quick loading of images, and videos. Well worth donating.!


  2. Forgot the link..

  3. The last public free release of Mobitubia will be on the 25th of this month, April 2008.

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