N-Gage: Get FIFA 08 for free

I’m a huge football/socca fan like almost everybody in Germany. I’ve just played the FIFA 08 demo on my N95 which convinced me from the first second. I already wanted to buy the full version but than I noticed that N-Gage is offering free licences for FIFA 08. However, you have to be fast since there is just a limited (15.000) amount of licences. So, go ahead and get FIFA 08 for free.


~ by Norman John on April 19, 2008.

17 Responses to “N-Gage: Get FIFA 08 for free”

  1. too late 😦

  2. yes iv got this now 😀

  3. The offer is still on folks.!!!! 22-04-2008. They have changed the process slightly. When I first downloaded the N-Gage app, and game lastnight, they were both in sis format, and I was able to install both by bluetooth, but now see below for new requirements to get it working with key.

    Go to the link in the first post of this thread. Download the N-Gage app, install it, download the fifa08 game (This time its in zip format), unzip it, it will be saved in Documents>N-Gage, if your using Vista, check your Admin Documents. Now to get it working, you have to install the game using application manager to install the sis file. Sending it by bluetooth will fail. YOU HAVE TO CONNECT YOUR USB CABLE, AND TRANSFER GAME USING APP MANAGER.

    Once both of these are installed, enter your phone number into the box on the page, and await text message. Once text message has arrived, click the link in it to download the ashx file, and let it activate the game.

    Please note, to get this working you have to install both the N-gage app, and game as mentioned above, then activate the key by following the link in the text.

  4. anybody nice enough to get me a key? i cant get mine cause the country im from isnt listed. =c


  5. trjhdhdt

  6. i’ve got the key, available to download still

  7. can anybody give me the activation code?


  9. I DONT GET NOTIN NONE ZIP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hey can sum1 pleeez get me a key im in south africa..people dont even know about ngage games here yet..bt ja if any1s nice enough to send me 1 my email is rickdodge@mweb.co.za

  11. get lost

  12. fifa08.en.exe how to instal that??? somebody now??

  13. can anybody give me akey. I am not in the those country, plz help

  14. download nya dmn bu?

  15. where download?

  16. can i please have a key? im 4rm south africa and we not listed.

  17. thanq

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