E65: New Firmware 3.0633.69.00 with change log

The buisness slider E65 just gets a new Firmware update. Version 3.0633.69.00 brings some improvements and bug fixes as well. You can use the NSU to update your E65. Below you can find the full change log.

Changes made from v2.0633.65.01 to v3.0633.69.00


* Reading fo SMS time stamp information unified between regions
* SMS sending from SIM Toolkit – Profile 07 improved
* Unicode Handling with Turkish characters corrected
* Correction to fetching email from freemail server
* Intellisync: Searching a contact for the first time improved

* After the startup, the phone recognizes the language to use from the SIM card
* SMSC is re-read from SIM after switch on

* Improvement of co-operation of Gizmo VoIP client and Internet voice mailbox
* SIP Proxy Authentication corrected in outgoing call if two SIP profiles with same realm and user name

* Correction of Chinese word corruption with WAP browser
* Searching in hebrew from portal corrected
* Wap GET/POST forms corrected when using Greek characters
* Reset during WAP browsing and MT calls corrected

Other changes
* Start-up settings updated
* Settings Wizard updated
* Start-up date changed to 1.1.2008
* Correction of NITZObserver with negative time zone values
* Localization improvements Needed equipment for software update:
* Phoenix Service Software version 2007.44.4.31162 or later
* Product Data Package v6.0
* PKD-1/PK-1 Dongle & Flash Prommer FPS-10 or CA-53 USB Cable
* Product specific service tools

Source: S60inside


~ by Norman John on April 18, 2008.

7 Responses to “E65: New Firmware 3.0633.69.00 with change log”

  1. Is this for real? If it is, then congratulations on being the first to post about it.

    And if it is, then a new firmware for the E61i is probably due real soon as well.

    The updates in the changelog don’t seem that useful though.

  2. No its not
    Currently you can’t update E65 at all because it’s been removed from online update system

    Nokia E65, Nokia 3109 classic, Nokia 3110 classic, Nokia 5200, Nokia 5300 and Nokia 7373 software removed – 14 April 2008
    Support for the products listed above has temporarily been removed from the Nokia Software Updater service. Other Nokia products are not affected. Support will be reintroduced as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  3. They really need to sort this out, its pissing me off and i’m sure lots of other users aren’t happy too!

  4. it’s hardly new that nokia can’t get their act together with firmware… Aus spec E70’s are still listed as ver 1.xxx being latest when the rest of the world has v 3.xxx… same with my local e65… punch its product code into nokia’s website… v1.xxx … i’m hacking its product code

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  6. This new firmware already supports the SDHC memory cards?
    Who knows? Or tested?


  7. my e65 was locked until 2 weeks ago.now if i want to updat it will it lock again?pleas answer me

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