USB data transfer test: N95 8GB vs 8800 Arte

Well I could have named this test S60 vs S40, or NSeries vs Extreme-luxury phone, but I think that both phones have different qualities, and therefore the results will be different.

The N95 8GB uses a miniUSB connector to USB, and obviously has a 8GB flash memory, and no memory card slot. The 8800 Arte uses a microUSB connector to USB, and this port is also used for charging. The phone has 1GB flash memory and no memory card slot.

The N95 8GB runs of Symbian OS 9.2 with S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 1. The Nokia 8800 Arte runs on Nokia OS with S40 5th edition.

To time both these tests, I used Stopwatch by TheXSoft, which is only accurate to the second, not that it really mattered, as the time interval quite long.

The computer I used is a HP TX1350 with 3 USB ports, running on Windows Vista Home Premium. CPU is AMD Turion64X2 at 2.2GHz and 2GB DDR2667 RAM.

So let the tests begin!

First was the N95 8GB, I sent a 119MB music file in MP3 format. What took really long was the transfer start, which ate almost 25s. The transfer took 3min and 13s.

The 8800 Arte took even longer to start the transfer, with more than 45s wasted. The same file was sent, and took 4min and 50s.

The N95 8GB produced a data rate of approximately 0.62MB/sec, while the 8800 Arte was left behind at approximately 0.41MB/sec. The speeds are way too low, and a test on Windows XP showed the same. The fault isn’t the computers, it’s the phones themselves.

Norman just reviewed the N95 8GB, which you can read here, and my Nokia 8800 Arte review is also complete, of which you can read here.

The clear winner is the N95 8GB, now the question is, what made it win? The motherboard? miniUSB use? or the Operating System? Let me know what is your opinion

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~ by Meraj Chhaya on April 15, 2008.

11 Responses to “USB data transfer test: N95 8GB vs 8800 Arte”

  1. I wouldn’t call that a win for anyone! Those are pathetic speeds… The N96 is 5 times faster, that makes it about 3mb/ps – still workable.

  2. Vaibhav it makes a difference when you transfer big files.

    That N96 speed I still have to see with my own eyes

  3. Interesting comparison I would also like to know the transfer rate on N96 as a diffrence.

  4. Me too, 5 times faster is quite a difference

  5. Which mode were the phones in? I’m not too familiar with S40, but on S60 you get choice of “PC Suite”, “Media Transfer” and “Data transfer” (or something like that anyway). The speed may vary between them. In my experience “Data transfer”, which is the one that makes your phone look like a normal USB storage device to the PC, is a lot faster than the “PC Suite” mode and using the Nokia PC Suite file browser.

  6. Both were in data transfer mode

  7. Ok, thanks.
    I’m surprised it was that slow then! At that rate filling 8GB on the N95 would take aaages! 😛

  8. it does. what phone do you have?

  9. It took me ’bout 1h and 40 min to copy 7,4 GB from my N95-8GB view the f*cking USB 1.1 port!
    Don’t know what the nokia guys had in their minds when deciding this … Not to much … I think!

  10. That’s faster than my transfer yesterday on a N81 8GB. I’ll post few more articles soon on these tests

  11. […] >>Thread Oficial Nokia N95-1, N95-3 y N95 8GB<< Lei en varios lados (aca, aca y aca) q la transferencia x usb a la flah de 8gb es lenta (lentisima). Una lastima, jode […]

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