N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed!

Nokia N96 official release date

We had a close talk with someone inside Nokia, and we got a confirmation on the launch date! The best thing is that it’s not one device being officially launched, it’s three, and that should be the minimum.

Nokia usually launches them in fours, ironic, as this digit is considered bad luck in some countries.

The other device being launched at the same date is the Nokia N78.

Nokia N78 official release date

The final device that we know it’s launching that date is the N82 black.

Nokia N82 Black release date

And now, time to reveal the date: 7th May 2008! Many retailers had published this date, but now we can be sure that we will see these phones shortly after 7th May. When I say launch, I don’t mean official retail date, as that’s the date that most retailers will start selling, although some might not have stocks. The phones have been officially announced, but not released.

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~ by Meraj Chhaya on April 13, 2008.

42 Responses to “N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed!”

  1. Thanks for the information!
    Great work

  2. Thanks, no problem

  3. Great news, cheers.!

  4. […] Meraj Chhaya di Nokia N96 Blog è riuscito ad ottenere la conferma che i seguenti cellulari – N96, N78 e N82 black – saranno rilasciati, udite udite, il 7 maggio, quindi molto presto. Fino a poco tempo fa questa era solo una voce, ma l’autore del blog citato ha adesso ricevuto una conferma definitiva. Naturalmente questa data come sempre non corrisponde alla effettiva disponibilità dei suddetti telefoni in tutti i rivenditori, significa che a partire da quella data inizierà la distribuzione di quei dispositivi mobili e che un po’ alla volta verranno resi disponibili in sempre più negozi. (via SymbianWorld) […]

  5. […] blog Symbianworld está confirmando o lançamento dos esperados N96, N78 e da versão black do N82 para o dia 7 de […]

  6. […] some might not have stocks. The phones have been officially announced, but not released. N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed! Symbian World __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 8GB […]

  7. […] Via| symbianworld […]

  8. So… the N96, N78 and the N82-2 are going to be available for us(to buy them) on 7th of May?

  9. no, that depends on retailers

  10. not sure to get the n78 or black n82, both look good :/

  11. Interesting dilemma. N78 has better software but only 3.2mpix camera while N82 has a 5mpix with xenon flash

  12. Definitely good news. If the N78 is coming in that US-friendly flavor, then I’ll have to push my butt a bit more this month so that I can get one.

  13. be warned that 7th may is the launch but retailers usually take a month to make it commercially available

  14. thanks for info

  15. Not a problem 😉

  16. wow. goodbye n73me. hello n78

  17. Why so? Share your thoughts with us

  18. Thank you for the info merajnet!
    So the N96 is going to be available in the beginning of June?
    I saw an information that the N96 will be available in August but that info was before a month or two(just after the phone was announced)
    So am I going to have the N96 in the beginning of June?

  19. You can call me Meraj.

    The commercial availability of the phone depends on the retailer itself, it can be one month later, two months, and places such as Africa, more than 3 months later.

    I hope you can enjoy as soon as possible 🙂

  20. […] posted here too.. N96, N78, N82 Black release date confirmed! Symbian World __________________ N95-1 with 8GB MicroSD, & N95-2 […]

  21. […] dieser Seite https://symbianworld.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/n96-n78-n82-black-release-date-confirmed/Hier kommt es am 07.05 raus, aber wie seris dies ist? nokia hat soweit ich wei noch kein datum […]

  22. Thank You For The Info Meraj
    Im Still Waiting For The Nokia N96’s Availablity In the Middle East Saudi Arabia , I Saved My Earnings 5000 SAR $ for N96
    What is Ur Suggestion to this

  23. Not a problem Abdullah. Can you tell me how much that is in USD?

    What is your current phone? I will enquire on Wednesday the release date in Saudi Arabia.

  24. Thank You for your reply . its 1,335 USD u can say 1000$ Dollar,,,
    as i thought might be much expensive here in Middle East ..
    Well my current phone is N73i Music Edition. I’m using it since 1st Feb 2007 … Alright on Thursday I will call Nokia Careline & Ask Again for N96’s Availablity , Once Again 10x

  25. 1300 should be enough.

    Middle East has much cheaper Abdullah, everyone imports their stocks from UAE (besides networks).

    I will let you know about availability of the phone this week, no need to call them.

  26. oh that’s so sweet of you meraj .
    how would i notice of your mail about the availability of the phone and are you sure the date which is confirmed because i read the press release at nokia’s official site that its going to start shipping in 3rd Quarter of 2008 !
    im confused and not so sure …..

  27. Q3 is already next month!

  28. Hello Meraj ! Now its 3 days later 10th May . Still No News ??

  29. O2 have told me today that they expect to launch this phone on 9th June.

  30. Please Anonymous Make Sure Again From Other Branches Also.
    Im really waiting to live and die with N96


  32. See http://www.n78.nl for much info and images

  33. Some hostility over there. I had explained the difference about the media release and shipping date, you seem to be not understanding.

    The N96 will start shipping week 34 of this year, that’s this August.

  34. hmm i apologize that i abused the words on you SORRY ! *.*
    u were right man i couldnt understood ur mean …

  35. No problem, it happens

  36. i already knew dat, jus thought i’d c it earlyer, u keep sayin june then august, which 1 is it??????????

  37. August 🙂

  38. when will it be available in the philippines?

  39. I hear june 9 being mentioned a lot on the net. June 9 happens to be when the new iPhone is expected to be announced so I’m skeptical that the N96 will be released that date. The carphone warehouse site used to state august as the release date but now says October

  40. it was changed to october 1st
    check the site of carphone warehouse

  41. […] mag hier ook melden wat ze daar melden hoor: quote: http://symbianworld.wordp…-date-confirmed/#more-753 N96, N78, N82 Black release date […]

  42. […] mag hier ook melden wat ze daar melden hoor: quote: http://symbianworld.wordp…-date-confirmed/#more-753 N96, N78, N82 Black release date […]

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