Nokia Tube: More and more rumours of S60 touch devices

When I visited the German Telefon-Treff forums in my daily round through blogs and forums, I thought of nothing special. But today I found some new rumours of the upcoming S60 touch devices.

On the Evans Data Developer Relations Conference in Redwood, California the vice president of the Nokia-Forum, has presented the first prototype of a S60 touch device to a special audience. It has the codename “Tube” and looks very similar to the iPhone by Apple.

To show you the new S60 touch, here is a video of it:

Unfortunately there are no pictures or videos that reached the public yet. Maybe it is the rumoured RM-346?

Let´s hope that some spy-pictures will reach the publicity soon. If so, you can trust in Symbianworld, we will report about it!

Source: AreaMobile & Telefon-Treff


~ by Christian on April 8, 2008.

3 Responses to “Nokia Tube: More and more rumours of S60 touch devices”

  1. I think you got the wrong video there – that’s Symbian’s ScreenPlay which is a technology inside the OS. It’s something that may be used by UIs but it’s not the UI itself.

  2. Counting on this device to be released,Hope we will be offered to trial them through WOM world.Before they hit the market

  3. nice man 😀 but symbian freak already got the spy pics 🙂 check it out !

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