Which is better? The old or the new Multimedia-Menu?

As you maybe know the N95 and the N95 8GB have different multimedia-menu´s. The Nokia N95 is a device which has a unique multimedia-menu, no other device has this special multimedia-menu.

The Nokia N95 8GB changed this: Since the N95 8GB all devices of this generation have the new multimedia-menu – the N81, N81 8GB and N82.

Today I want to compare both of the menus – which one is the better one?

Both of the Multimedia-Menu´s come in a nice design. The N95 has some kind of line, which is flying into the screen on start-up with the multimedia-key.

If you choose no symbol in the menu about 12 seconds, there will appear many images, that are showing a man that is using the N95.

Of course you can change this pictures with up to five of your own ones or the design of the theme you´re using. You can also change the symbols which are in the menu and you can turn on menu sounds.

The N95 8GB has the new Multimedia-Menu. This Menu has the same color as the theme you´re using. There are no more single symbols, now there are boxes with different topics – contacts, music, gallery, games, internet and videos. You can arrange this boxes as you want.

You can use both of the menu´s also in landscape-mode. If you switch into landscape-mode, the old Multimedia-Menu of the N95 will look almost the same as in portrait-mode. In the new menu of the N95 8GB this has changed: If you switch to landscape-mode you will only see the first box clearly, the other boxes are not good to see like in portrait-mode.


I am using the Multimedia-Menu of my N95 very seldom, because I don´t need it. If I want to start an application fast I do not open the Multimedia-Menu, I use the active standby for that. The N95 8GB´s menu is better in my opinion, because it is not only a “fast-start menu”. It is a well-arranged menu which is showing you nice information like the last captured image or contacts you´ve added to the menu.

The winner is the new Multimedia-Menu which is included in all new devices since the N95 8GB. I hope Nokia will add the new menu also to the N95 with a new firmware.


~ by Christian on April 6, 2008.

10 Responses to “Which is better? The old or the new Multimedia-Menu?”

  1. To be honest: I don’t them both! I think the active standby is enough.

  2. the old n95-1 is much better, the new one is completly useless im my honest opinion

  3. I’d vote for the older one too. There is no doubt. The new one packs very little real world functionality.

  4. the older one is definitely better than the newer one

    better to the eyes
    and it even uses the grafix card processing

  5. It’s true that 8 gig menu is better,but older one is Kind of nice and the effects are cool.with the tickling sound it does make some kicking feeling.

  6. the old one is way better i will never update a new firmware if they put that in it. my brother has the n95-8GB and he wants the old Multimedia-Menu on his

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  8. I used the old menu on my N95 daily. Got a N95 8GB back in december and haven’t used the menu since. I have no idea what I should use it for? Why would I need instant access to Burj al-Arab GPS location, or a music stor which isn’t available in here in Scandinavia anyway?

  9. different opinion. i really like the new menu, its great, with the transparency and the flip-3d like style, it ust shows how advanced the graphics are. i have a classic n95, but im looking for this new menu for my “old” one.

  10. I think the new one is better too. Like Tanim, I have both N95 classic and 8GB. The new one boots up faster and doesn’t lag as much as the old one, and I prefer the graphics over the last one.

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