Nokia N95 vs. Nokia N95 8GB

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~ by Christian on March 30, 2008.

43 Responses to “Nokia N95 vs. Nokia N95 8GB”

  1. nice to difference . hm i think 8gb is best

  2. the n95 8gb comes with 1050mhz battery not the 1200mhz as you have stated. it is the n95-3 which comes with 1200mhz battery. It also has the raised media keypad has a black cover and same amount of ram as n95 8gb. I think it is better in my opinion than the n95 8gb and the n95-classic and i have owned all three.

  3. Just to add, the N95-1 now has the V21 firmware available, which further improves battery performance.

  4. @dani2xll: Thx, I´ll edit the thing with the battery.

    @GSi-R: Yes, but I´ve written: “…since v20…” 😉

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  6. Dani2xll, you are wrong. If you truly owned all three, you would have seen that on the BL 6F battery, it even says that it’s 1200 mAh…I don’t know where you got megahertz from…

  7. @ Mr-X: Yeah, I´ve the same information. Now I looked it up at Nokia and it is 1200 mAh. 🙂

  8. I don’t think Nokia released the N95 8GB as a successor of the N95. It’s just an inmproved version which fixes problems of the N95 like the battery and little RAM.

    You could call the N96 “successor”.

    But nice article and nice pictures. 🙂

  9. There is any difference in GPS signal. And how both compares with the N82? Thanks

  10. i see many N95 8GB technical specifications, it stated with (BL-6F) 1200mAH, are u sure is 1050 mAH?

    Really dont think it’s worth to buy, even N95-2 cover the drawback of N95-1, but, on the other hand N95-2 create it’s own problem…however, the design is raelly irresistible

  11. @edupel: No difference, I´ve tested it 5 minutes ago, layed down both devices near my window and started maps. Both needed about the same time for a sat-fix.

    @Huo: It is 1200mAh, I´ve looked it up at Nokia!

  12. I have both of these cell phones & out of the two I prefer using the 8 gig,bigger screen more memory & it just looks so cool.During the course of the day I use mine a lot for watching video/surfing the net/listening to music & as you would expect,its on charge quite a lot,at least once a day.Now lets see what the N96 can do.

  13. @bery

    I think the N96 is rather a sister device. The 8GB is a improved version and a little successor as well.

    The N95 8GB doesn’t fix the battery problem,why do you think that?

    Good example for successor is the N73 and N78 or 6220.

  14. Well, jump from 950 mAh to 1200 mAh. I didn’t use it yet, so I can’t say it myself, but I have heard reports that battery life has been improved. But clear that the larger display wastes more energy.

  15. See, yo haven’t use it. I’ve used them and the BL-6F doesn’t bring more batterylife.

  16. That first pic you have in this review is a very nice one. Very product-brochure-ish.

    Nice review. I might have to take a look again at the N95-8GB (NAM) as a possible replacement for my current device. It seems to do the multimedia fit very well.

  17. Thats a one crazy gadgets

    for the hot post

  19. Nice one

  20. @Christian Titze

    yea, 1200mAH, strange, how can it be 1050mAH…
    because of big screen criteria, that’s why i still struggle between N95-1 and N95-2….what a big LCD…great phone

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  23. Strange that no one has mentioned that the N95 8GB is stuck at 8GB, whereas the N95-1 will be able to use the 12GB and 16GB cards that are due out very soon. And what about the painfully slow large file transfer speed of the N95 8GB without the aid of a USB 2 card reader?

    Demand paging has sorted the N95-1 memory issues, v21 firmware has extended the battery life, the N95-1 is a clear winner for me.


  24. Navi-Edition faceplates are already on sale at ebay

  25. @x yes you are correct it is the 1200mah but what i was specifying was that the n95 8gb did not come with this battery. Also the lights on the n95-3 are white as the n95 8gb is and has the same raised media buttons.

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  29. guys. can someone tell me which one is better now? coz actually im just gonna buy n95 8gb because of its colour xD

  30. I don´t like that non-bright aspect of the N95 8GB…
    Seems old… The N95-1 accept memory card of 8GB without any problem… So if you alredy have the N95-1 just wait the N96… Hugs! God bless all of us… Bye!

  31. How do you know if you have n95-1, 2 or three?

  32. N95-1 is the European version; N95-2 is the N95 8GB; N95-3 is the classic N95 for North America; N95-4 is the North American N95 8GB and finally N95-6 is the Asian N95.


  34. N95-1 is one of the worst N series ever made, It has a sliding problem, you find out by looking at the back if the back colour is black or blue-purpule it is N95-1 and if the back is Brown then thats the N95-3 thats the perfect one all problems solved in it battery,sliding all!Thats the one i have now, but i have had all inclusing the N95 8GB which is known as N95-2 also.So if you buy an N95 it should be the one with the Brown back.I wouldent get the N96 yet because n95 and n96 hav all the same features and the next one after n96 is probably gonna be a touch screen and much different from the n95 and n96!!!

  35. the nokia n96 sucks it’s processor speed 262Mhz with a in-built 6gb memory and a micro sd caed slott which supports upto 8gb and the nokia n95 8gb has a 332 processor and 8gb and still a little slow imagine how the nokia n96 will be slow the nokia n96 totaly sucks in the other hand the 8gb has everything that the n96 has the n95 8gb rox to the max

  36. i have bought 3 n95-1 in the past 2 years , the first 2 (6 month apart) were same in all aspects, the last one i bought in sep 2008 and it had a brighter display , smoother sliding mechanism ,faster menu navigation , longer battery life , auto screen rotation , faster gps & wlan connection , a car charger included in the box and its made in Finland ( other 2 had made by nokia written on there back).

  37. hmmmm good difference…. for difference also see this video

    i m getting second hand N95 at a good price so i m going to buy dat one…both are good….for me i dont listen to music because i m muslim 🙂 so N95 is BEST…ROCKSSSSSS!

  38. muy top el log
    me facinan esos celus!

  39. Batteries are expressed in mAh NOT Mhz!!!

  40. heya i have n95 n95 8gb and n96 16gb dey r di bst and coolest

  41. Please rewrite article 🙂

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  43. solved the phone nokia n95 8gb symbian.problem- language chang.english to bangla.

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