HOT: Symbian 9.2 hacked: Install applications without signing them

You all know the procedure of signing unsigned apps. Everytime you get a new unsigned application you have to sign it by yourself and this is very annoying.

But now it seems that S60 3rd has been hacked:

  1. How to: Make the application “free”
  2. How to: Install the application

Very brief, but this news are worth a post.


~ by Christian on March 30, 2008.

7 Responses to “HOT: Symbian 9.2 hacked: Install applications without signing them”

  1. Christian, that’s just the first phase. Here’s my tutorial for actally INSTALLING the applications:

  2. Thx, edited.

  3. I can only see this being a bad thing personally.

  4. Are you one of those people who say that it’s bad because it’ll lead to viruses? Everyone who has used this hack certainly knows what they’re doing. Even if this does lead to viruses, they won’t be able to infect all of the caged up S60 phones so why do you see it as a bad thing?

    Maybe you’re one of the ones who said it’ll lead to easier hacking. Yes, it probably will. I for one know that I’m not installing this hack to run wild with warez, I’m installing this hack so I can use my N95 8GB how I want to use it, I’m installing this hack so I can mess with my phone. If I screw up, that’s my own problem and it doesn’t harm you in any way. I know for sure that there are thousands more who feel exactly the same as I do.

  5. who dare win?

  6. Our mighty hackers did a great thing, FAC is genius and Symbian is now really an open platform!!!

    Anyway, I am here just to inform you that there is anew solution on the horizon, a 3rd party Python based installer that bypass default installer and allows installing any application with any privileges including allfiles, yeah you read it right, just be patient, it will be released soon 😉


  7. Hey Teo,
    thank you for the info

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