Nokia N95 Firmware v21.0.016 – first thoughts

Since yesterday the new firmware v21.0.016 for the Nokia N95-1 “classic”, is officially available over the Nokia Software Updater. When I heard this news the first thing I thought was: I want this new firmware. Now! – so I downloaded it, re-installed all my applications and setted my N95 like I was used to it.

Today I was playing with my N95 and found some good improvements, but also some bugs. As I heard over at the Telefon-Treff forums, the new firmware works fine on the N95´s of some people but some, including me, say that the new firmware is very buggy.

Now I want to show you the good and the bad points I found out yet:


  • Faster Menu
  • Faster Sat-Fix
  • Search!-Application starts faster
  • The preview-pictures in the gallery are loading much faster
  • switching to landscape-mode and back works better
  • rotateMe! works better
  • little bit better batterylife
  • Flash support


  • reports, that some applications won´t work any longer
  • applications are crashing more often
  • sometimes software doesn´t react
  • navigation with the navi-key works sometimes only delayed
  • reports, that w-lan won´t work properly any longer
  • applications crashing on start-up

To show you one of the problems I have with my N95 since the update, I´ve made a little video of starting the Maps application:

As you can see it crashes everytime on start.


If you can´t live without watching flash videos online on your Multimedia Computer you should update. If you can live without this point you shouldn´t update.

If you´re lucky you have none of this problems, but some people like me are having this problems now till the next update, so it´s very annoying…


~ by Christian on March 27, 2008.

31 Responses to “Nokia N95 Firmware v21.0.016 – first thoughts”

  1. Try do download Maps 2.0 Beta, maybe it will work than.
    Anyway, my N95 works fine, no disadvantages untill now.

  2. I’ve experienced many of the same issues on my N95-2 with the V150.0.015 firmware. I’ve sort of assumed it was due to some errant software I had installed but lately I’ve trimmed the installed programs back alot and still am seeing these issues. My phone randomly reboots sometimes. I’ll be sitting at my desk, having not touched my phone for literally hours and then I the screen turn on as it reboots. Other times hangs for a bit while caching input actions. GPS use tends to increase the hanging/rebooting issues so I think it might be related to that, but really hard to say. Here is a new one, right now as I am typing this, my Red key won’t exit any apps or menus. The button press sound is made, however the phone clearly not responding to it. No lag in the UI or anything, the left softkey as cancel/exit or whatever works just fine…. ODD. Well closing the Mobile Web Server and Fring fixed that, not sure which one was the issue if they were in fact the issue at all.

  3. I´ll try it, Norman. But I don´t like Maps 2.0 very much…

    Maps works after updating to 2.0 Beta again.

  4. listen n95 users who updated their firmware to v21.

    when i learned yesterday that v21 was out, i didnt wait another second to get the new firmware. like most of you guys would do. i made a back up of my files first and then downloaded the freshly brought out upgrade.

    the flash 3 support was cool and the web runtime. the phone seemed to work faster too.

    but the next 2 thing ill tell you is something what i would call very saddening about this upgrade.

    1. the camera flash lights doesnt work anymore. even if you set it on force flash

    2. today ( 2nd day of v21 in possession) my phone stopped working and the screen went all black. i thought my phone crashed so i did what i usually do when it happens. i pulled the battery out for about 3 mins but the screen remained black. fyi, a phone that’s turned off shows a blank screen. i put it back, same story. my phone is dead and i couldnt turn it on anymore. i immediately drive by the nearest nokia point center and ask if they could fix it. i had to leave my phone there for inspection and reparation. that means i would be able to use it for a couple of days. and this is very tragic.

    is there anyone there that encountered the same problem?

    piece of advice to those who havent have theyre phone upgraded: wait a couple of days first, and listen to what those who downloaded v21 on their phone. v21 is what i call DOWNGRADE in this matter. im very disappointed with this new firmware….

  5. upgraded to v21 minute it hit the nsu.
    I have had none of the above problems, of course had to reinstall some apps to get them going and for some reason messaging works slower using microSD (still fine with phone memory)
    I think the upgrade is great. I have limited data plan so flash videos is more of a novelty than something I’ll heavily use, but was worth it to rid myself of camera shutter bug and wired headset bug.
    Also phone seems smoother and syncs with my wireless headphones nicer.

  6. really buggy ,,applications like maps crashes as well as the sudden crashes while browsing the web,,also i ve experienced the ” memory full ,close some appllications” bug while browsing ,,,this did not apear during the previous firmware ,,i am disapointed

  7. hey to all the people who updated to the new firmware v21.0.016

    tell me if this happens to you. you have to turn your phone off then turn it on so it makes it fresh press the menu button the go to tools and find file manager dont go into it just look at it dose it have a white line across it if not get out of it turn the camera on take a picture then go have a look there there should be a white line across it why is that is that a bug or is there something bad wrong

    please tell me thanks

  8. +1 hussein, sooo buggy for me too!

  9. no problems with v21 within 48 hours!
    works faster, more stable and the flash 3 support is great!

  10. nice post .. i think that Nokia N95 works fine and i love it

    thanks again

  11. If you want a stabil system, please reset your device. It helps.
    But it must be a hard reset, like 3 + * + green button.
    After this i have no probs with my device.

  12. ya another method for reseting *#7370# this code will restore your original seting means format your phone memory

  13. Just checked my N95-1 which is also running V21, and theres no issues with it at all. The upgrade in firmware has improved many things in my experience.

  14. […] the same time, though, there have been several reports across the web forums and blogs regarding incompatibility of some applications with the new firmware, slow response time to […]

  15. Nokia disapoint me. If Nokia not make posibility to downgrade/restor to erlier version of firmware I will post hack with old version of firmware for downgrade to all nokia customers!

  16. My first N95 Classic (bought 3 months ago) began to constantly reboot (every 15 – 20 mins) 1 week after having upgraded it to 21.0.016, Nokia care centre, “reflashed” it saying “It must have been a bad upgrade but its fixed now” and returned it. 2 hours later on 21.0.016 the phone stated to reboot again. Took it back, Nokia said that they would replace it. The next day i picked up the new N95. Its only been 3 days and now im having the same problems as RBn95. Phone turns on but screen stays off permantly. Initially i could get it to work by doing the hard reset trick but now that doesnt even work.

    Has anyone else experianced similar problems? I think the firmware was written by 3-year olds.

  17. I was forced to upgrade my N95 to 21.0.016 from 10.xxxx or 11.xxxx after I faced problems. When I restart the phone or turn it off and then on, it will restart 3 times before loading into the home screen.

    So I backed up things and upgraded to, then restored it. I also reinstalled some apps. I didnt face any big problems.

    Advantages are:
    > Fast boot up!!! (from 49 secs to about 24 secs)
    > Flash support ( i dont care about it 😉
    > Phone is slightly more responsive.
    > All softwares are working fine! (Except 1 soft)
    > Maps are also working fine!

    Untill now there has not been any crash during app start up. But sometimes, the UI is unresponsive.

  18. One Issue is, when installing the “preparing installation” is taking VERY long time even for a 100kb sis file!

  19. Nokia Software updater sucks donkeyballs! Its frozen on mid software update for me and therefore fucked up my phone 😦

  20. camera not opening at all aftr V21 upgrade

  21. how to fix this bug

  22. Long time lurker 1st time poster.

    hi anonymous ~ frozen mid flash is fixed by charging until full, and reflashing as before – keep retrying as I got it after a while. I suffer the same problem as RBn95 & voodoo.

    Black screen (no picture) is lit, usb & tv out, sound etc work.
    I have formattedd the SD, the phone, reflashed v21. Like Voodoo *, 3 & green button held together brought the phone back to life but only temporarily. Really upset by this as I was about to sell the ****ing phonne due to the headphone hiss

    inferior product. When “working” it can’t even out perform a $100 2nd hand Psp.

    : (

  23. I just updated my phone from V11 to V21 and I have some reall internet problems. 3G and WiFi aren’t working anymore (just all the internet). Also some applications don’t show up anymore and according application manager they should still be there. But I also can’t delete them in application manager. Never had this problems when updating my old N70.
    Hope that some knows an answer to this problems (especially the internet thing)


  24. […] released by Nokia for the N95 classic. Apparently does good things to standby time (a good roundup here), so I go ahead and […]

  25. Hello from Bulgaria! First impressions on V 21 were promising. Everything works fine – from the regional settings (full language support) to the flash, Wi-fi, etc. Seems like it runs faster, but yet not sure.
    Good luck to guys with problems to resolve them faster!

  26. testing

  27. I have the very same problem.. my phone keep rebooting and that was before and after the upgrade… i am really dissapointed by Nokia.

    Is there another way to solve the rebooting problem except to reset the phone using *#7370# because that too doesnt help..

    please help, u can also reply to


  28. Is there any way of downgrading back to the previuois firmware version??? My camera will not work at all now

  29. No, there’s no way of downgrading. But you can reset your phone – maybe the camera will work again.

  30. No, there’s no way of downgrading.

  31. camera application wont load anymore, it attempts to open then crashes. barcode reader works, but no bloody camera. very unhappy. took it to nokia repair center and they said my warrenty is void from water damage, looks like ill have to wait for the next firmware update to debrand my fone and go generic.. i hate 3 branded phones, and i refuse to buy an iphone

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