New NSeries in the making?

This is truly for us to guess, as we have no clue whatsoever what the new device compromises of, but according to Cybette at her Jaiku, she received a prototype, and she is so excited about it, that she actually told (or teased) us.

If you guys didn’t know, Cybette, or Carol Chen is the Senior Integration Engineer at Nokia, so the last thing this should be is a fake rumour. Carol wrote that “it’s NXX on the spec sheet in front of me and N00 on the proto” which tells us that it cannot be a N96, but a new unreleased model.

Most of us wondered if it was a Touch UI device, which wasn’t fully answered, but the tip makes me believe that it is the new generation of S60 phones. “as for touch, it’s a touchy subject, so i will not touch it,” wrote Carol.

What we can really do is only speculate…

Over at the German NokiaPort there are also rumours of a new Nokia-device with RM-346. Maybe it´s Nokia´s iPhone

Technical Data:

  • Quadband GSM: GSM850/900/1800/1900 + GPRS/EGRPS
  • Dualband WCDMA: WCDMA900/2100
  • WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • Battery: BP-4L
  • Charger: AC-5
  • Headset: HS-47
Picture: Nokia

~ by Meraj Chhaya on March 27, 2008.

6 Responses to “New NSeries in the making?”

  1. Let´s wait for the first spypic of it…

  2. Thanks for adding the NokiaPort rumour as well. I’m really wondering what we will see

  3. Could it be the N99 we talked about in Barcelona? 😉

  4. […] Dalla forma simile all’iPhone possiamo azzardare l’ipotesi che sia il prossimo cellulare Nokia con Touch UI. Voi che ne pensate? (via Symbian World) […]

  5. Why the jump from N96 to N99

  6. […] Unfortunately their are no pictures or videos that reached the public yet. Maybe it is the rumoured RM-346? […]

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