Finally, v21.0.016 available for the N95

Today I checked whether the new Firmware version 21.0.016 is available for my N95. Indeed, after a week or so the new firmware version is finally available for my N95. Due to my Product Code gets updated pretty late this means, that the new firmware is available for almost every product codes. The new firmware brings support for Flash Lite 3 so Flash video sites are working so you can watch YouTube videos in the browser now. More over, Web runtime has been added too. Below you can read the changes from 20.0.015 to 21.0.016 (SB-107/12.03.08) and a video showing YouTube on the N95.

New features
* Flash Lite 3 support added
* Widget (Web runtime) support added
* Default year changed to 2008

n95 8gb

* General stability improvements.
* Pre-defined access point kept after switching to different type SIM card.
* Localization improvements.
* Standby time improvements.
* Improvements to BT headset interoperability.
* Improvement to Calendar data restoring.
* Switch from landscape to portrait mode & screen rotations improvements.

* Improvement to long text writing to web page text boxes.
* Browsing from WLAN wizard improvement.

Media Player
* Localizations improvements in Music player.
* Windows Media Player recognizes device as Nokia N95.

* Image rotation improvement in album view.
* Gallery & Slideshow performance improvements.

* Improvement to SMS reception.

* Midlet installation improvement.
* Improvement to Java application start.
* Java midlet certificate checking improvement.

* General improvements to Maps application.
* Localization correction to Search in Maps application.
* Improvement to Navigate To -function when started from search application.

* Contact names with accents and more than 11 characters can be copied to SIM card

Here a video showing YouTube on the N95:

~ by Norman John on March 26, 2008.

7 Responses to “Finally, v21.0.016 available for the N95”

  1. That´s great. Let´s update…

  2. any improvement for their gps usability?

  3. Finally!!!
    This is so great, I will do the upgrade this evening

  4. what are the sites besides youtube that let us play flash videos with this new firmare?

    for one day i used tge N95 8GB of a friend and the only site that worked was youtube. can anyone point what are other sites that work?

  5. […] yesterday the new firmware v21.0.016 for the Nokia N95-1 “classic”, is officially available over the Nokia Software Updater. […]

  6. Cool, thanks for all!!

  7. dankje

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