How to be like Stavros!

Mark Guim posted an in-depth guide on how to play around with your Nokia Sports Tracker and Google Maps in order to achieve what Stavros does: Position Art.

Of course most of us aren’t as talented as Stavros, but now we can atleast give it a try.


Step 1. Use Sports Tracker on your phone to record your location data. You can choose to run, walk, or whatever and it will record your path.

Step 2. When You are done, select ‘Upload to Service’ on the workout summary screen on your phone. The data will be uploaded to Sports Tracker online.

Step 3. On the Sports Tracker website, the route will be displayed on a map. To get this map on our blogs, we need to download the data as KML file by pressing the KML button above the map.

Nokia Sports Tracker

Step 4. Log in to Google Maps and go to ‘My Maps’ to create a new map. Import the KML file you downloaded in Step 3. Click Upload, then Done.

Google Maps

Step 5. Now we are getting the actual html code to embed in our blog. Click on “Link to this page” on the upper right corner, then “Customize and preview embedded map.”

Google Maps

Step 6. Adjust the look and size of the map. I usually reframe the map so the path is centered, then change the size to fit my blog’s width. I also select satellite view because think it looks cooler. As you make adjustments, the html code automatically changes.

Google Maps

Step 7. When you are done with the adjustments, just copy and paste the HTML code to your blog post. Now go make Stavros jealous by creating your own position art masterpiece then sharing it on your blog!

Source: The Nokia Blog


~ by Meraj Chhaya on March 23, 2008.

6 Responses to “How to be like Stavros!”

  1. Thanks,this is what I was looking for,And btw does this require the Nokia Map services to be available in that area,and also will this display the geotagged images too.Thanks for the valuable info,Also a big thnk for Mark too!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m not sure if it will geotag images as there is something wrong with my Sports Tracker.
    You don’t need Nokia Map for that area, because Google Earth covers almost anywhere

  3. Thanks Dude,Tomorrow I,m gonna give it try as all my exams will be over by then.

  4. Good luck with the exams Ravindra!

  5. sxtcg

  6. thanks for spamming…

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