Finally, the N95-1 with black backcover!

Today I found the hot news, that there is a new backcover available for the Nokia N95-1 “classic”. A member of the German Telefon-Treff forums called Benz-Driver has reviewed the new backcover.

(*click to enlarge)

You can buy it at your local Nokia Service Center. It should cost about 15 – 20€ complete with the Nseries battery-cover.

I´m sure I´ll buy it, what about you, do you like the new color?

Source: Telefon-Treff over SWB

~ by Christian on March 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “Finally, the N95-1 with black backcover!”

  1. man itz amazing, is it available at the present time ?
    and can we buy it online if its possible ?!

  2. youy can buy it off ebay too

  3. all the one’s i have seen on ebay even though they say they are oem, they are not.

  4. I have that cover but it doesn’t say NSeries

  5. Than it isn´t original.

  6. […] the last few days I´ve reported about the new, black backcover for the N95 “classic”. Today I found the news that there are more new colors for the N95 on their way to the N95 users in […]

  7. […] my post about the new colors-variants of the N95’s backcover? When I heard that there is a black OEM backcover for the N95 I was very happy and I said that I’ll buy it. A few days ago I made the decision […]

  8. Do you know where can I buy those back covers other than the german website that you got urs from? I like both the black and the brown… But I can’t seem to find those on the internet..

  9. If you have a competent Nokia Service Center near you just go there and ask if they could order one for you.

  10. If you want those original back covers you can buy them at

  11. I had bought the new N95 with the black back cover just yesterday. It looks too cool….It’s available in Nokia Stores in Bangladesh. Too bad they say the phone will no longer be supplied..

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