Camera Duel: Nokia N95 vs. Samsung G810

On sunday I’ve been visiting the CeBIT to take a closer look at the latest Symbian devices. At the Samsung booth I could play with three S60 based devices. One of them is the Symbian v9.2 S60 3rd Edition based Samsung G810 which features a 5 megapixel camera with 3x optical zoom, Wi-Fi, GPS, HSDPA and a lot more. So, both, the N95 and the G810, have a lot in common. But especially the 5 megapixel camera is worth to compare.

Left: N95 right: G810 (click to enlarge)

CeBIT068Samsung G810

CeBIT065Samsung G810

CeBIT069Samsung G810

CeBIT067Samsung G810

So, which S60 phone takes better pictures? Actually, I don’t know. I just could test the Samsung G810 at the Samsung booth. So, I couldn’t see how good or bad outdoor pictures are. Anyway, as far as I can tell from tis five pictures N95’s pictures are always, except the third motive, brighter. The third motive is taken really good by the G810 and even better than by the N95. But the N95 took the first and the second motive much better than the G810 did. The last picture is from both pretty bad, either to bright or to dark. All in all both devices take good pictures, but due to the G810 is still a prototype we have to wait until we can decide which device is better.

What do you think which device takes better pictures and why?


~ by Norman John on March 11, 2008.

10 Responses to “Camera Duel: Nokia N95 vs. Samsung G810”

  1. Looks like the N95 wins, but after all, as you said, the G810 is just a prototype. Thanks for the comparisons 🙂

  2. Very close… I would say that the N95 just about has the edge here, but only because the colours look more natural.

    Great work Norman!!

  3. Hey James, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.
    Look forward to meet you again, I hope I won’t be as shy as I’ve been in Barcelona. Anyway, MWC was a great time!

  4. thanx be4, Nokia symbian is still the best… 🙂

  5. Looking like the N95 to me.

  6. llööl

  7. i’m love it..

  8. […] Camera Duel: Nokia N95 vs. Samsung G810 […]

  9. i like n95,It amazes me Nokia was able to fit all of the N95’s features in such a small form factor

  10. Hi guys, I have just bought a G810 and I compared its camera quality with my cousin s N95,G810 is obviously better that N95,and I also compared it with my brother s K850,result: same photo quality.I think N95 can not compete with G810 because G810 has xenon flash and 3x optical zoom.

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