New slider-version of N95-1: Photo-proof!

A week ago I sent back my N95 with a shaking slider to Nokia and since then I hoped that I´ll get finally a rock-solid slider.

Today I got it back. And Nokia hasn´t disappointed me, now I have a rock-solid slider in my N95. Unfortunately they have not fixed the sides of the slider where the light shines through.

Here the proof that they built in a new slider:

Right side, changes are highlighted red:

Left side, no changes:

(*click to enlarge)


~ by Christian on March 8, 2008.

7 Responses to “New slider-version of N95-1: Photo-proof!”

  1. I found I have the same problem with my N95
    Maybe I can tighten the screws up myself,
    Is it difficult to do ?
    George from Medical Locums

  2. […] Titze over at SymbianWorld had sent his faulty N95 to the Nokia Service center due the slide being buggy and has received it […]

  3. tightning the screws will not do anything atall my friend, ive had mine in pieces and it is due to a dodgly poorly made slider mechansism, and as these pictures above proves, they have built the new one..

    i just need to now get my hands on these parts from nokia.. so i can fix mine my self

  4. can you give me the code that is on the side of those new rails please bro…
    just cofirm, it is K3 V11 1007 ??

  5. @marty3: It is “K3 V1.1 1007”. On the old slider there was something with V2 in the beginning.

  6. the US variant has the new slider. I will assure you it will become loose again within a few weeks if not days. I was so happy when I got mine–without the slider problems. But sure enough, they did develop and I have a wobbly slider.

  7. The slider of my N95 looks the same as this “new version”, but it’s “K3 V1.1 0707”, and I bought it in september. So maybe this isn’t new at all.

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