T-Mobile Germany to plan future without Ovi

T-Mobile removes many Nokia phones from the program

Hamid Akhavan, chief of T-Mobile, said in an interview with the ”WirtschaftsWoche” that T-Mobile won’t sell future Nokia phones offering Ovi. Reason for the drastic action is T-Mobile’s plan to launch a pretty similar service. Therefore they can’t tolerate Nokia’s service and all phones based on this platform access like the N96 or the N78. If you haven’t been aware, Ovi is offering the user games, music, navigation, uploading solution for videos and pictures and much more.

Source: Wiwo


~ by Norman John on March 1, 2008.

One Response to “T-Mobile Germany to plan future without Ovi”

  1. This is both interesting and stupid, imho. What exactly does he mean when he says Ovi? They should probably be banning the site as well. Share online also is or can be installed on the N95 iterations, so…what, they won’t sell any S60 Nokia device?
    I don’t see this as a good strategy. Operators all of a sudden are trying to do too many things. Services? Is any of the “internet” services that any operator is offering any good?
    And then there’s the brand issue. Nokia has a much better known brand than T-Mobile (or any operator for that matter – the only one that’s even close is Vodafone), so I really can’t foresee a great success for such ‘competitors’.
    Operators should maybe focus on offering truly unlimited mobile data plans, and then offer any other services. THAT would really serve the end-users well.

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