Rock’n’Scroll Beta 1 available for public

Rock’n’Scroll, a Accelerometer based application, is now available unsigned for the public. Using Roch’n’Scroll you can control the N82, N95 (8GB) and the N93i by moving your phone. More over you can also rotate your screen. It’s acting pretty similar to NokMote and also like RotateMe. You can download this application over at the Keynetik forum.


~ by Norman John on February 29, 2008.

5 Responses to “Rock’n’Scroll Beta 1 available for public”

  1. Is that application that can be downloaded on the Keynetik forum FREE?? And is it going to be available to Nokia n96 in the future?? ~~PLS post your reply here……Tnx!

  2. is this application works on nokia N81

  3. No

  4. i ve downloaded the rock n scroll application n also managed to sign it….even i managed to install it fine d only thing is dat its not startin up wen i click on it…i also have the acclerometer plugin installed ….pls frnds help me out i need dat s/w badly!

  5. does it work for n96?

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