6120 Classic hits new firmware v4.21

Die Grafik

The handy Nokia 6120 get a new firmware update. The Firmware version v.4.21 can be downloaded via the Nokia Software Updater. Yet there are no official changelogs. However, don’t be afraid of update your phone because the 6120 features UDP, or User Data Preservation. This means that after updating your phone no data are gone.


~ by Norman John on February 29, 2008.

7 Responses to “6120 Classic hits new firmware v4.21”

  1. v3.83 has a problem with the screen, it gets halted when I try to switch off the alarm in the morning. I think its the ‘sleep’ issue. does the new firmware fix it?

  2. lot of ppl complain about 4.21 ver. They say 3.83 is more stable, faster, etc. 4.21 consume more memory, menu lags, and u must place your phone an a 45 degree ungle for a right photo!! Is this true, cause i’m gonna downgrade to 3.83 😦

  3. I Had Heard A lot About v4.2 And It Has Any Of The Features In This Firmware That Only n82 Has

  4. I own a 6120c and have updated the firmware. I have seen no deficits in performance or any improvements either. Just that issue with the alarm has not occured since the update and more themes were added.

  5. Yeah, i have indonesian n6120 v3.70 (0548222) and change the code to 0548221 with nemesis service suite (free) and now i have v5.11 firmware. It’s a bit faster, no more error when find music in music library, but the chinese and indonesian language is missing. Can i download those language by my self?

  6. I also have upgraded my nokia 6120c from v.370 to v.5.11. The performance is now better, especially when I use it for browsing the internet.

  7. can any one please tell me where can i get NSS that works with 6120c, i did download one but it does not read the product code …..it says its reading but nothing happened … any help will be great …. thanx

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