Sony EricssonG900: Brief video tour

Here you can see a brief guide tour of the Sony Ericsson G900 which one obviously on UIQ. The G900 is one of Sony Ericsson’s latest announced devices which feature a 5 megapixel camera, touchscreen, Wi-Fi and a lot other features.

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Source: Allaboutsymbian


~ by Norman John on February 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Sony EricssonG900: Brief video tour”

  1. im in love with this fone 😛

  2. I’m a true die head Nokia Symbian fans. SE sucks!

  3. This phone is the best invention those guys ever had. I’ve had so much trouble with various nokia phones, never nokia again.
    I’m gonna get this one!!

  4. someone compair this phone with the n958gb, i think this phone will win, but i think n96 will this phones ass :S

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