N81 8GB: See New, Hear New, Feel New


I’ve had the N81 for 2 weeks now and I’ve been asking myself, why N81? What makes somebody buy an N81?

Or what makes me I, give up my money on some phone that has a 2mpx camera, no GPS and no acceleration sensor? Maybe because it just follows Nokia’s rules? The See New, Hear New, Feel New thing?

  • See the the new attractive black design. Eventhough most of it is plastic, it feels very strong. And plastic doesn’t rust over time.
  • See and Feel the new Funky key lock. This is actually the first time Nokia changes its key locking routine.
  • Feel the new Naviwheel.
  • Feel the new gaming keys. First Nokia with dedicated gaming keys, so mobile gaming couldn’t be more entertaining.
  • Feel the improved performance and speed while browsing through different application and phone contents.
  • Hear new: You’ve got an 8GB memory, go ahead and load it with much ever music you want, then listen to them on the high quality dual phone speakers, or the extra high quality supplied earphones.

See new, Hear new, Feel new. This is what’s supposed to make N81 succeed in the mobile market. However not everyone wants a GPS or accelerometer in his phone, but certainly most of people prefer a good camera over the gaming keys for example. This is most probably why Nokia launched Ngage first access only for the N81 till now, so as to provide better marketing by directing people’s motivation towards gaming.

Anyway, I’ve almost finished my trialing period now and so sad the N81 is leaving soon. Gonna get back to my crappy N80. I think I might make a whole memory format, maybe it can then bare a little of N81’s performance 😦


~ by Tarek on February 23, 2008.

4 Responses to “N81 8GB: See New, Hear New, Feel New”

  1. Lol. Somehow, I don’t think your N80 will be up to the challenge.
    The N81 was clearly thought to be the “gaming device”-marketed, and that’s fine by me. What I too really don’t get is the camera. Come on, a 3.2MP CZ lens surely wouldn’t have been a lot bigger or more expensive than the …let’s say ‘below par’ thing they put in the N81!
    Strange thing, and apparently (AAS report) the price of the N81 is dropping. Didn’t sell extremely well, I’d say…

  2. […] N81 8GB seems to be a very controversial device: apparently you either fall in love with it, either totally hate it, there doesn’t seem to be a middle place in between. You already know […]

  3. I agree with you Vlad. I know it’s directed mainly towards gaming, and a 3.2MP camera wouldn’t have harmed anyone. It would have even for the favor of the device in mobile market. I mean come on Nokia, producing such a device with only 2MP camera, in a time when there are 5MP cameras with xenon and dual flash leds is a real shame!

  4. Can’t we install Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate in N81 from 3rd Party, The device wouldn’t work.

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