Reasons to look forward to the N96

Nokia has announced their latest flagship, the N96, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to Nokia’s press release we can expect first devices coming to the shops in Q3 of 2008. But for what are we waiting? What can we expect? Is is worth waiting for the N96? Here you can read some key reasons why you should looking forward to the official launch:

Using DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handhelt) you can receive TV and Radio shows straight on your N96. You don’t need to plug in an antenna or cable to activate the DVB-H because the receiver is built in the N96. So you can watch your favorite TV shows wherever you like. Yet DVB-H is available in just a few regions but within this year we’ll see more and more regions jumping on the DVB-H train. According to a Nokia-Siemens employee the costs for DVB-H is up to the service provider. However, a month subscription should cost about 5€. In terms of batterylife we can expect 4 hours of watching TV.

The N96 offers you 16GB internal memory which are enough for videos, music, pictures and any other kind of data. However, if this isn’t enough for you, you also can insert a microSD card. Yet microSD cards are available up to 16GB and soon we’ll see even 32GB cards. This is a step forward because a lot user of the N95 8GB and N81 8GB wanted an expendable memory in terms of a microSD cards. Anyway, on 16GB you can save about 4000 music files or hours of VGA recorded movies.

Just like the N95, has also the N96 a 5 megapixel Carl Zeiss lens and records video with VGA (640 x 480 pixels) quality with 30 frames per seconds. Moreover, it has two pretty bright LEDs which can also be used in the video-mode. Here you can see the two LEDs in action. The taken pictures or videos can sent immediately to Ovi using Wi-Fi or HSDPA or displayed on the huge 2.8″ display or on a TV set using the TV-out cable .

The times are over in which you had to ask for the right way or in which you had to hold these huge maps. Using the built in GPS ( Global Positioning System) you always know where you are. Moreover the N96 comes along with the latest Maps 2.0 version pre-installed. But there is also other use for the GPS. So you can geo-tag your pictures or use the N96 to record your jogging tour.

With its 16GB memory, huge 2.8” screen and with the dedicated music and gaming keys the N96 is a perfect gaming and multimedia device. Watching movies or TV on the 2.8″ display is a real pleasure. Internet is thanks to the excellent browser, Wi-Fi, HSDPA and the big display pretty easy and convenient.

There are so many other great function and usages but the five mentioned features are the five best once.


~ by Norman John on February 22, 2008.

11 Responses to “Reasons to look forward to the N96”

  1. But instead of the memory and the DVB-H the N95 8GB is better or has almost the same like the N96

    1. Better battery
    2. 3D Chip by Texas Instruments

    And I use an iPod, so 8 GB are really enough!

  2. Yeah, I’ll also psot a arcticle about the disadvantages.

  3. The reasons u gave for looking forward to the N96 is not that revelant to current N95/N95 8GB/N82 users… They are all much the same~

  4. Hey Norman, can you say something about the built-quality? Because you´ve already played with it in Barcelona…

  5. What abt the GPS chip in the N96? Is is the same as in the E90 or the N95? It is really difficult to get a lock-on if u r not stationary.

  6. @Adi: The GPS chip is probably the same.
    @JuzLykToEat: I don’t think that’s relevant. I can’t imagine that the N96 is specifically targeted at N95/N82 users (well, except some of us, of course). I think it targets people who don’t already own an N95/N82.

  7. Why are there new nokias not with the 352×416 as on the N80?

  8. In terms of camera which is better n82’s xenon or n96’s dual LED???

  9. If: n80 >> n80 internet editon
    & n95 >> n95 8GB
    ~~~~~is it possible that~~~~~
    n96 >> (to an improved version)?????

  10. super qk gsm

  11. N96 ima po golqm smisal ot sqka nokia N tq e s 8GB vgradena karta i 8GB karta 5mega pikselova kamera mnogo qko gsm 🙂

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