Black version of E90?

Black E90?

Over at Intomobile I found pictures of a black Nokia E90. The pictures look very real, but unfortunately nothing is official. Could it be a E90i? At the moment we can’t say anything specific, but we will keep you up to date about the black E90.

Black E90?

Source: Intomobile


~ by Christian on February 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Black version of E90?”

  1. I was at Mobile World Congress this past week (Barcelona), and they did in fact have a black E90. However, the hardware and keyboard were the same, so no, it is not an ‘updated’ model. For a summary of the rest of my thoughts, go to

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  4. The keyboard may look the same but it is in fact the “improved” version… the internal keys will not touch the screen. The keys are flat.

  5. Aren’t all E90s black? Do you refer to the black hinges on this one?

  6. in this case, the black hinges maake it pale, not regal like mocca one, full black make e90 like cheap plastic, chilren’s toy. truly it. the mocca is much regal

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