Every hero has a choice: N95 or N95 8GB

As you maybe know, the N95 GB comes along with the whole Spider-Man 3 movie pre-installed. Just like Peter Parker aka. Spider-man, I also do have a difficult choice. I have to choose between the original N95 and the new, black and powerful N95 8GB. Actually both phones have their own advantages. Here are few advantages of each phone:


Built quality:
Having both phones in my hands, I can say that the original N95 feels much more better than the 8GB version. In my opinion and according to some friends of mine, the N95 8GB feels a little bit ”cheap”. Furthermore, the original N95 is not such a fingerprint magnet as the N95 8GB is. Almost on the whole surface and even the back which is totally different as you maybe know it from the N95, you can find fingerprints.

Camera shutter:

As you can see on the picture, the original N95 has a camera shutter which protects the Carl Zeiss lens before dust and scratches. The 8GB version however, is unprotected. Maybe is the lens pretty scratch resistance but all in all I would be afraid of putting the N95 8GB into my pocket.

microSD slot:
This is a pretty tricky issue. However, I wished that the N95 8GB had a microSD slot. I don’t care about the 8GB flash memory. Nowadays are 8GB microSD cards available in stores and pretty soon we will also see 16GB cards. This is just one aspect. Another aspect is, that you can go to a photo shop and insert the microSD card of the N95 into the computer.

N95 8GB:


The front of the N95 8GB is dominated of the huge 2.8” display. Although it’s just 0,2” or 0.508 mm bigger than N95’s screen, you can see a big difference between these two display sizes. Unfortunately Nokia didn’t changed the screen resolution but nevertheless it’s good enough for watching movies like Spider-man 3.

After a fresh boot the N95 8GB has about 85MB of RAM. That’s four times more than N95`s RAM. You can open every application without closing one or without restart the N95 8GB.

Multimedia keys:

The 8GB version still have these multimedia keys to control the musicplayer or videos. However, now are the keys blistered to press them much easily. Indeed, you can find the pressure point much faster now.

As you maybe can see on the pictures above, N95 8GB’s navigation keys ( the keys right under the screen) are arced and are better usable than N95-1’s keys. Although N95 8GB’s keys are much smaller they are better in use.


~ by Norman John on February 16, 2008.

9 Responses to “Every hero has a choice: N95 or N95 8GB”

  1. I always use the camera shutter and microSD slot as an excuss for myself to not upgrade my N95 to 8GB version XD
    kinda useful as u can see…

  2. U didnt say anything about the slider! The 8GB-Version got a much better one. All the N95-1 users, I know first said: “The hole housing is much better built”, when they saw my N95 8GB.

    Y dont u want to put ur mobile without a lens protection in ur pocket?? Thats exaggerated! And … If you spend 800Euro for a handset, there are 10 left for a belt-pocket or a protection case!

    So, my opinion is: If you dont realy need a new mobile, save ur money a few weeks more and buy the 8GB instead of the N95-1. The bigger internal memory, the bigger screen and the 8GB (quite enough) were the arguments for me.
    Or wait for the N96! 🙂

    U dont like the 8GB! Thats clear. But why??

    Greetings from Germany (sorry for the grammar),

  3. Nice… I was thinking about which one to buy, and the only thing that stops me a little is the microsd slot missing from the 8 gb version -_- P.D. Holy crap! 85 mb ram? Good for games =D =P

  4. what about the battry ??? u dont see any thing about it…..

  5. Well, I think that both battery are in terms of battery life pretty igual.
    Maybe it was just my N95 8GB but all in all both, the N95 and N95 8Gb, least almost the same time.

  6. the original 95 is better! tks!

  7. hi, some one say that if a memory card corrupted in N95 8GB than, it not removable and reapirable, but in N95-1 , if memory card r not working, u can smiply change the sd card

  8. WoooW ! what a great exerted effort over here dear Norman : ) I really gained alot … Please let me ask a direct question and I really need your answer as soon as possible : I live in Egypt and I’d like to buy N95 , but unfortunately the GBS is not activated here .. so my question is would it make any difference while buying one of these two than the other ?? .. Thanks in advance

  9. I bought the original N95

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